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Are Beyoncé & Lady GaGa Working On A Telephone Sequel?? Here’s Why Fans Think So!

Are Beyoncé & Lady GaGa Working On A Telephone Sequel?? Here’s Why Fans Think So!

Is THE iconic duo making a resurgence in 2024??

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, Beyoncé announced she has a new album coming out, and then dropped two songs to hold us over until we get some more in March. And one of ‘em in particular is giving fans major Telephone vibes! You remember, right?! The CLASSIC 2011 collab between her and Lady GaGa which famously ended with a “To Be Continued.”

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If you haven’t seen the visuals for her Act II album announcement, it opens with Bey driving a yellow taxi with the license plate revealing the name of one of the singles she dropped, Texas Hold ‘Em. Then, we get a shot of her inside the cab, which you’d be lying if you said didn’t remind you of the yellow and red truck she and GaGa drove in in the Telephone music video. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

But those aren’t the only clues! On X (Twitter), fans didn’t hesitate to point out some other possible continuities between the two. Like the fact that Queen Bey dropped the song and visuals on February 11, 2024 — exactly 14 years after GaGa was booked into jail in the Telephone music video. See some more fan speculation (below):

Very interesting!!

And you can watch the full Telephone music video (below):

It should be noted that GaGa is also expected to release a new album this year. One of the more far-fetched fan theories focused on the Rain On Me singer’s latest Instagram post. She was in attendance at the Super Bowl on Sunday, as was Bey, and GaGa posted a photo holding up a “peace” sign. However, fans think it could actually represent the number two… as in Telephone part two. HA!

Well, are you sold, Perezcious readers?? Would YOU get excited for Telephone part two?? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Beyoncé, Lady GaGa, Verizon, & Variety/YouTube]

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