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The Trailer For Blac Chyna's New Reality TV Show Is SUPER Dramatic! Watch!

We knew this was going to be a little over-dramatic even before it came out… but seeing it now, even we are a bit surprised at how over the top Blac Chyna‘s new reality show appears to be!
Dream Kardashian‘s mom is embarking on a new reality TV project on the Zeus Network, aptly naming it The Real Blac Chyna — you know, so you know what it’s really like to live her life (at least with an EP edit, lol) — and the upcoming show’s two-plus minute super-trailer just dropped for the first time on Monday afternoon!
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In the trailer, we get a better idea of the big fight that went down between Chyna and her momTokyo Toni, which has since fractured the pair’s often tumultuous relationship and pushed the mom and daughter to the breaking point. At one point in the trailer (above), Chyna tells one of her friends that her mother is “evil as sh*t to me” after a particularly explosive argument in which she throws a chair, and later breaks down in tears.
In a conversation breaking down the drama with another friend of hers, Chyna asks a very sad question (below):

“Which one’s worse, having a mom that’s not here, or having a mom that is here that doesn’t give a f*ck about you?”

Ugh… not ideal!!
This all comes full circle after Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s little legal brouhaha earlier this week — as you’ll recall, the KarJenner fam son sent a threatening legal letter to Chyna about not allowing Dream to be filmed or participate any way in the making of this reality show. Chyna fired back with her own statement and retorts to some of Rob’s claims, and the he said-she said fighting was off to the races.
For now, though, it doesn’t appear as though Dream will make that many (if any!) appearances on the show. One of the main reasons for that is something both Rob & Chyna agree on, too: neither parent wants Dream present for all the high-tension drama that goes down between Chyna and Toky Toni… and as you can see from the trailer here, there is a LOT of that, so perhaps it’s just easier and smarter to keep Dream away from everything, altogether!
The Real Blac Chyna is set to premiere next month, on July 14, only on the Zeus Network.
Anyways, what do U think about this new trailer and the upcoming new show, Perezcious readers?? Will YOU be watching next month when it first airs?! Sound OFF about everything in the comments (below)!!!

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Jun 18, 2019 12:02pm PDT