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Brian Laundrie Called Parents 20 Times After Killing Gabby Petito -- Here's What He Told Them!

Brian Laundrie Called Parents 20 Times After Killing Gabby Petito -- Here's What He Told Them!

Brian Laundrie said WHAT to his parents after killing his 23-year-old girlfriend?!

On Friday, revealed shocking new details of the depositions made by Roberta and Christopher Laundrie in October as part of the ongoing lawsuit brought by Gabby Petito‘s parents. And what we found out is that Brian made multiple frantic phone calls to his parents over two days after he strangled Gabby to death in August of 2021.

Those phone calls were a huge change from his usual communication habits with Christopher and Roberta. The outlet reported that during the couple’s road trip, he only contacted his parents five times in the whole two months before her death. Days after Gabby last spoke to her mom, though, Brian began to reach out to Roberta and Christopher — frequently.

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According to phone records, Brian called them at around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 29. Their first conversation lasted 55 minutes, and another lasted 22 minutes at 9:20 p.m. that lasted 22 minutes. From there, a “flurry” of up to 20 phone calls was made that day and the following day — most happening between Brian and Robert. Brian eventually revealed Gabby was “gone” to his father — but on his mother’s phone, so we guess they were handing it back and forth? He also told them he needed a lawyer. Whoa. And during those two days, they contacted their family attorney, Steve Bertolino, who was retained on September 2. And he was the one who promptly instructed the parents to say nothing. And they didn’t. For weeks.

Wow. This kinda feels like the smoking gun here, proving just what Nichole Schmidt and Joseph Petito have been arguing all along — the Laundries knew all along where their daughter was. And they let them keep looking for Gabby, believing she was alive.

During their depositions, Petito attorney Pat Reilly questioned Roberta and Christopher over the “gone” comment made in the call. Their explanation? Reilly told

“Brian told Christopher, ‘Gabby’s gone, I need a lawyer.’ And he was frantic in Christopher’s words. They refused to acknowledge that that meant Gabby was dead, which flies in the face of logic. If your son calls and he’s frantic and he says she’s gone, I need a lawyer. What other explanation of ‘gone’ could there be?”

It was crystal clear to us what Brian meant by “gone.” However, Reilly shared that Christopher dismissed the meaning of the word as dead, saying “something to the effect of, well, there were times that Gabby would leave and go away for a couple days to meet with her friends or she’d just leave for a couple hours when she was living with us.” What?! Your son would not have repeatedly called panicking and asking for an attorney if Gabby simply had gone to hang out with friends! AN ATTORNEY OVER A BREAKUP?? BS!!! Reilly continued:

“That was his explanation for why he couldn’t admit that ‘gone’ meant she was dead. It was a flurry of calls on those two days. The calls between Brian and his parents prior to that were very sporadic, around five. The key is that they knew Gabby was dead at the time of the statement.”

Not only did Roberta and Christopher allegedly know Gabby had been dead, but they remained quiet about what they knew while an entire family was worried sick for weeks wondering what happened to her. Just awful. Reilly went on to slam the Laundrie parents for their “unconscionable” actions:

“They were parents themselves and Gabby was going to be their daughter-in-law. How could they stay quiet when they know she’s no longer living? They know Gabby’s parents are frantically searching, they know they can bring some sense of relief to their suffering by letting them know where her body is. And instead they allowed the body to remain out there in the wilderness to be attacked by animals or whatever else was out there.”

Despite the heartbreak Gabby’s parents continue to feel to this day, Reilly noted they have “sympathy and empathy” for Roberta and Christopher — even if they knew what happened to their daughter. But as the attorney pointed out:

“That is something they don’t see they are getting from Roberta and Christopher.”

Oof. It’s terrible what Gabby’s parents have gone through and continue to go through due to the lack of empathy from Roberta and Christopher during their legal battle. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram]

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