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Tattooed Body Parts Found An Hour Away From Brian Laundrie Site -- Everything Cops Know About Grisly Discovery

Brian Laundrie Search McKay Bay Body Parts Leg Tattoo

For most, the Brian Laundrie search is over. The skeletal remains found over three weeks ago were identified using dental records — proving the sole person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito was dead.


Well, we obviously all want more answers — but for some internet sleuths, it seems no answer is ever enough, not even an official ID. And the fact that sources at the time of the discovery spilled to CBS News that only “a small part” of a body had been found, well, that’s led to some wild speculation online. Nonsense conspiracy theory stuff, like secret twins. Seriously, don’t fall down that rabbit hole.

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The lack of closure — and a full body — means the shadow of the case is falling over other new cases. Most recently, the body parts that were found over the weekend in McKay Bay, near the South 22nd Street Causeway in Tampa, Florida.

The first was a leg found by a fisherman on Thursday. He told FOX13:

“I was putting out my lines getting ready to go fishing and all of the sudden I see this lump, what looked like a catfish, start floating by and as it gets closer to me I start realizing it looks more like a human leg.”

On Friday it got wilder. Police released a statement saying that following the deadly catch, other body parts had been found. They did not specify what kind of parts, how many, or if they could determine if they were all from the same person.

Some theorists immediately connected it to Laundrie online due to McKay Bay being only about an hour north from where the famous fugitive’s remains were found. We’re not sure how much sense that even makes. Sure, an hour is relatively close, but it’s not like the wind carried his leg 80 miles down the road. So unless they think someone dismembered him and spread him all over the Gulf of Mexico, we really don’t see where they’re coming from.

Moreover, there’s specific evidence it’s not him. The Tampa Police Department released a photo of a tattoo on the leg which could be used to ID the body:

Tampa McKay Bay body parts leg tattoo
This was found on the lower right calf of a leg found in Tampa’s McKay Bay. / (c) Tampa Police Department

Three hearts and the names Sean, Greg, and Zach. Our guess would be these are the children of the deceased. It’s definitely not a tattoo we’ve ever seen on the pics and footage of Brian Laundrie, nor do the names connect to his case.

We’d hope that would be enough to make it clear, but considering there are reportedly civilians still out there in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park area spending hours a day searching for more of Brian or his personal effects, we doubt it.

If you’re interested in helping police find a real solution to the crime, there’s more info. On Monday the TPD released another lead — a Silver 2008 Hyundai Elantra with Pennsylvania license plate number HDE6564. They say only that the car may be related to the case, which they are calling a death investigation.

Police request anyone who recognizes the tattoo or the car or knows anything about the found limbs to call 813-231-6130 or contact Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay at 1-800-873-TIPS.

[Image via Brian Laundrie/Instagram/FOX13/YouTube.]

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