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Britney Spears Has 'No Concept Of Money' -- Adding To Fears She'll Go Broke Soon!

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After a TMZ report claimed Britney Spears is in “serious danger” of going broke now that she’s in full control of her money post-conservatorship, more sources are speaking out with their own concerns!

On Monday, several insiders told Page Six the pop star is BLOWING through her bank account at a startling pace! Despite starting with a $60 million estate when her controversial conservatorship ended in 2021, sources think she’ll be out of money soon! WTF?! How??

Explaining why Brit’s tearing through her cash so quickly, one insider dished:

“She has no concept of money. For over a decade, other people were in charge of her bank accounts, and every purchase had to be reported to the court — even if it was just a pack of gum. But now, she’s on her own.”

To be fair, it’s not that surprising the Crossroads alum wouldn’t understand the value of a dollar. She’s spent most of her life rich and famous — not to mention, without control over her finances, how could she ever learn??

Now that she is free to spend on whatever she wants, she’s been living it up! We mean… did y’all notice she’s on vacation like every week? And believe it or not, you can spend $60 million just having fun!

So why isn’t anyone stepping up to help??

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A second source noted those still in the Baby One More Time singer’s orbit are “in a precarious position” as they don’t want to “rock the boat and make her feel like she is in a conservatorship again,” adding:

“It’s tricky. No one wants to be Jamie 2.0.”

But is saying nothing and letting her go broke any better?? It’s obviously complicated, but somebody’s going to have to step in at some point if things are really this bad… right?

For now, everyone appears to be avoiding the tough conversations. It helps that Sam Asghari‘s ex is “at the point of recoupment” with her $15 million publishing deal and making “very significant” royalties off her tell-all The Woman In Me. Plus, despite not having any plans to return to the music industry, the 42-year-old has released two collaborations with Elton John and which are likely supplying her with some spending money, too!

But just because she still has a few streams of income doesn’t mean anyone is less worried! The first source insisted:

“She’s not broke, but she definitely could benefit from being more careful with her cash.”

Especially if she doesn’t want to go back to work in the future, she better start saving up! A good way to do that would probably be cutting back on lavish vacations! Last year, the Circus vocalist reportedly spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on a SINGLE trip to French Polynesia! One of MANY trips she took throughout the year, too. The second insider added:

“Between flying private and booking five-star villas, it can get costly — fast.”

No kidding!

While a third source hit back at TMZ‘s shocking report, calling it “grossly exaggerated,” they couldn’t deny that the mother of two “should keep an eye on private jets.” Still, they argued, “She is not going broke.” And yet, everyone seems to agree on one thing: there is *real* cause for concern! Not great!!

BTW, Britney’s also out more than $4 million in fees and representation bills to her lawyer Matthew Rosengart. After losing her conservatorship lawsuit against her estranged father last week, she was also ordered to pay his legal fees, worth almost $2 million. The poor girl has spent a s**t ton of money since being in control of her finances — and it wasn’t all just for fun! So we get why folks are fearing for the worst. For Britney’s sake, we hope she finds someone she can trust to help her navigate this!

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