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Bryan Kohberger Arrest Warrant Revealed! See All The Other Evidence!

Bryan Kohberger Arrest Warrant Evidence Details

The arrest warrant for Bryan Kohberger has finally been released after having been sealed for 60 days.

More than six weeks after the shocking murders of University of Idaho students Maddie MogenKaylee GoncalvesXana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin, police surprised the general public — and the suspect himself — with a swift arrest. The Moscow Police Department had been so silent about the case, everyone assumed the authorities had nothing. It turned out they had a treasure trove, as was revealed in the probable cause affidavit.

The arrest warrant, on the other hand, has remained sealed since the arrest — and was only revealed to the public on Tuesday, a full two months after the December 30 arrest at his parents’ home in eastern Pennsylvania. While the bulk of the evidence leading to Kohberger’s identification and capture is in the affidavit, the arrest warrant still hints at huge pieces of evidence which will be used in the murder trial.

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The warrant confirms Kohberger and his father arrived back at their Chestnuthill Township home on December 16. On December 27 police saw him walking around outside. On December 28, he ran some errands around the county before returning. Pretty ordinary stuff.

The biggest new bit of info is the items taken from the 28-year-old’s person at the time of arrest. The warrant listed:

  • a Defiant silver flashlight
  • four medical style gloves
  • white Arizona Jean Co. large T-shirt
  • Champion WSU Cougars large black sweatshirt
  • pair of black and white size 13 Nike shoes
  • pair of black Under Armour socks
  • Under Armour black large shorts
  • Under Armour black boxers large
  • One baccal swab

The flashlight is the type primarily used for camping, hiking, and hunting. It’s unclear if police believe it was used in the house in Moscow that night. The baccal swab is for taking DNA samples, something the warrant mentioned the cops were looking for. Not surprising given we already know a knife sheath was found near Maddie Mogen’s body — and police were able to get DNA off of it.

Presumably the clothes were just what he was wearing. Worth noting almost everything was black — the surviving roommate who saw the killer had noted he was wearing all black, and the warrant did mention police were on the lookout for black clothes in particular. The shoes could be huge — the warrant mentioned they were looking for sneakers with “a diamond-shaped pattern.” Clearly the killer left a footprint in the blood.

The “medical style gloves” are really interesting as they seem to corroborate a leak from back in January. Just a week after the arrest, a friend of a Pennsylvania police officer claimed that while Kohberger was being surveilled before the arrest, whenever he left his parents’ home he was sporting “surgical gloves.” Not the type of gloves you wear in New England in the winter, the type you use to keep from getting DNA or fingerprints on anything. If he had two pairs on him, it seems that was accurate. That officer also told the source Kohberger was seen obsessively cleaning his car and trying to sneak his trash into the neighbor’s bin. Both of those supposed observations feel a lot more likely to be legitimate now.

While the warrant included permission to seize — and submit to be “forensically examined” — any electronic devices on Kohberger, it doesn’t mention they found any. That’s odd considering his phone info, provided earlier by AT&T, helped show police he had been in the same areas as the victims for months. And we’ve also heard police had the phone — and found photos on it of one of the victims. Was that info also from the cell company? Were the pics on the cloud? Did he dispose of his actual, physical phone? Hmm.

We may have to wait as long as the actual trial to find out which of these objects end up being important to the case. What do YOU think of the newly revealed evidence?

[Image via Monroe County Correctional Facility.]

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