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Presley Gerber Reveals 'Scariest Thing' Mom Cindy Crawford Said In Response To His First Tattoo At 15 Years Old!

Presley Gerber Reveals 'Scariest Thing' Mom Cindy Crawford Said In Response To His First Tattoo At 15 Years Old!

Presley Gerber will never forget the moment he got his first tattoo, all thanks to what his momma Cindy Crawford had to say about it at the time!

During an appearance on the Studio 22 Podcast on Tuesday, the 23-year-old model opened up about several topics, including how he got inked for the first time at the age of 15. What?! While talking with the podcast hosts about their first tattoos, Presley touched on his love for the art form, expressing:

“There’s been times in my life where I’m still, you know I could still see myself being a tattoo artist one day. I love doing art, I’ve always been into drawing, painting and all that kind of stuff. Just the fact that you can transfer art onto skin is a wild concept so I was interested in it from such a young age.”

When one of the podcast hosts mentioned something about being “grateful” in the episode, Presley went on to spill “that was my first tattoo.” He explained:

“At 15 years old I had a really interesting experience and I literally went and got my first tattoo. I was in Canada, the guy in there didn’t check my ID, bing bong came home with a tattoo.”

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For those who haven’t seen it, you can check it out (below):


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The podcast host then chimed in:

“I feel like you could come home even with a ‘Be grateful’ on your arm and it’s still kind of hard for your parents to get mad at that.”

Whelp, Presley noted “that was a night to remember” in the Gerber-Crawford household “for sure!” The brother of Kaia Gerber recalled that the 57-year-old supermodel and his dad Rande Gerber suspected he was hiding something when he came home after hanging out with a friend in a large hoodie — even though it was warm outside:

“It was in Canada, it was like 100 degrees outside and I come home and told my mom and dad: ‘Hey me and my buddy are going to go and buy some gifts from the giftshop’ for our girlfriends at the time. Rain storm happens, and our trip turns into an eight, nine hour trip home. I don’t get back until nighttime, it stays warm out there.”

He continued:

“It’s probably 90 degrees and I’m in board shorts and a huge hoodie. I eat dinner with them [my parents] – everything is a little off, but I eat dinner with them, I’m talking, we go and watch a movie together. Middle of the movie, [they press] pause, [and say] ‘Hey Pres, take off your hoodie.’ And I’m like, ‘You guys knew this whole time didn’t you!’”

Lolz! So how did Cindy react? Well, she wasn’t too upset about the ink. However, what she said still had him practically shaking at the time:

“That moment, my mom looked at me and she actually didn’t get mad. She just said, ‘Show your dad,’ and that was the scariest thing that I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth. I literally teleported through the walls [to my room]. But it was worth it to me. Something really tragic happened and something. Now of course I’ve had some [tattoos] done that I could do without but that’s how it started out with some reminders I would want on me.”

One of those tattoos he regrets getting is the word “misunderstood” on his face. And despite his love for ink, Presley says he stopped getting them at around 20 to 21 years old since he began so young:

“I got a face tattoo, then I got it removed. That was really the last big, visible tattoo that I got. I ran out of space real quick.”

Wonder what Cindy had to say about that tatt before he removed it! Elsewhere in the interview, Presley also touched on his struggles with mental health, saying:

“Having struggled with mental health, depression and some other things that come along with that, I think that whether I help one person or a hundred people get out of that place that I was in at one point in my life, that’s all I need to do. I’ve had a lot of deep dives, a lot of vacations and a lot of time to look into myself and learn about myself with therapists.”

In the future, he shared that he wants to create mental health initiatives – possibly making clothing brands about the subject to help raise awareness. Presley added:

“It is such a big part of my life. It’s a 24/7 job, and there’s so much to it. That is really what I want to do – help people, whether you’re depressed, you’re struggling with something that is having a negative effect on your body.”

Love to see someone wanting to use their platform to raise awareness about important topics like mental health! You can ch-ch-check out the entire conversation with Presley (below):

Reactions to the interview, Perezcious readers? Would you have been as calm as Cindy was about the tattoo? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Presley Gerber/Instagram, WENN]

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