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Bryan Kohberger Is Planning To Call HOW MANY Witnesses At His Murder Trial?!

Bryan Kohberger Is Planning To Call HOW MANY Witnesses At His Murder Trial?!

Bryan Kohberger is going to have his day in court — and if he has his way, it might turn into many, many, many days.

Kohberger, of course, is the one accused of murdering four University of Idaho students back in November of 2022. As we’ve reported, the four college students — Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20 — were brutally slaughtered in a house near the Moscow, Idaho campus on November 13 of that year.

Kohberger, who was a PhD student in criminology at nearby Washington State University at the time, was arrested in Pennsylvania a little more than a month after the slayings. Ever since, he’s been in Idaho’s Latah County Jail awaiting his trial. And now, a major new update is in.

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According to Fox News, Kohberger’s defense team is hoping a judge will allow them to call FOUR HUNDRED WITNESSES to the stand during his trial. Sorry, what?! They want 400 people to be sworn in and talk about the accused murderer?? Major murder trials often have lots of witnesses — like, several dozen. But 400?!?!

After Kohberger’s lead defense attorney Anne Taylor made the request in court during a Wednesday hearing, a Latah County deputy prosecutor stood up and vehemently protested to Judge John Judge:

“It frankly causes the state great alarm that the defense is discussing calling upwards of 400 witnesses during the innocence phase. when we potentially don’t have a full alibi disclosure.”

That’s the thing!! Taylor and her team previously said they have an airtight alibi for Kohberger which they will present in court. Latah County prosecutors still haven’t been made aware of that alibi. To this point, they have been left completely in the dark. Obviously, they want to have an indication of which way their case might have to proceed. And these 400 witnesses might really muck it up!

Taylor also asked for one more thing in court this week, too: a full cell phone tower investigation. That will likely help build her case for Kohberger’s alibi if it can prove he wasn’t in the area at the time the murders were committed. Per that same news outlet, it may also delay the trial even more. Kohberger’s side is fine with that; not only was it his request, but he previously waived his right to a speedy trial back in August. However, prosecutors are not okay with the cell phone tower request, either. They argued the extra time could be used for Kohberger’s team to put together an alibi based on discovery material.

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Basically, there is a chance it may still be a while before his trial begins. Judge Judge (yes, that is really his name) responded by scheduling a May 14 hearing to (hopefully) determine a trial date, as well as to rule on whether the trial will be moved out of Latah County. Kohberger’s legal team had previously requested a change of venue. Judge Judge also set an April 17 deadline for the defense team to provide alibi details. So, that might make for an interesting day in court.

It’s a lot, y’all. Reactions??

[Image via Monroe County Correctional Facility/Law & Crime Network/YouTube]

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