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Bryan Kohberger Wants To Ban Cameras From Courtroom Because Media Is Focusing On His Crotch?! WTF?!

Bryan Kohberger Courtroom Cameras Focusing On Crotch

It’s not enough that Bryan Kohberger has delayed his trial. Now he’s trying to keep us from seeing it when it does happen??

The 28-year-old successfully delayed facing his murder charges indefinitely by waiving his right to a speedy trial. We’re not sure why that works… but he isn’t done!

In the latest in a barrage of legal motions from the accused quadruple murderer’s attorney, Judge John Judge is being asked to ban news cameras from the courtroom. In the defense motion filed this week, Anne Taylor argued — shockingly — that her client is annoyed about the media focusing on his crotch region. No, we are not kidding. The public defender’s motion reads:

“Mr. Kohberger is entitled to defend himself against capital criminal charges without cameras focused on his fly.”

What in the hell are they talking about? Is the former criminology grad student just trolling at this point? No one, and we mean no one, is looking at or thinking about his crotch. Remember where you are. This is If anyone was talking about a defendant’s D, it would be us. And we’re disgusted he’s even bringing it up.

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Taylor noted that the media had been warned in June not to focus on just Kohberger while filming — but that they had “failed” to comply with that directive. We mean, we weren’t given that warning. Footage of the courtroom isn’t from the best angle, but it usually includes Kohberger, his legal team, and the judge pretty equally. Most outlets, including us, just use the footage where you can see the defendant because he’s the focus. HIM. Not his crotch.

A group of media outlets responded with their own argument to the judge, maintaining:

“Although Mr. Kohberger argues that he is ‘entitled to defend himself against capital charges without cameras focused on his fly,’ that assertion misstates the role that courtroom camera coverage played in the X social media post that appears at page 3 of his motion. No photographs or camera coverage focused on Mr. Kohberger’s ‘fly.'”

Like we said, we’ve seen a grand total of zero comments about this man’s penis. Maybe he misunderstood when someone mentioned the “penal system”??

A hearing was meant to take place on Friday to argue the motion, but it had to be rescheduled. What do YOU think of Kohberger’s wild claim that everyone is interested in his junk??

[Image via LiveNow from Fox/YouTube.]

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Sep 01, 2023 17:10pm PDT