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Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard’s Final Blowout Fight On Summer House That Ended Their Engagement REVEALED!

Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard’s Final Blowout Fight On Summer House That Ended Their Engagement REVEALED

The moment Summer House fans waited for finally happened. We saw the bombshell breakup conversation between Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke.

As fans know, we watched the exes constantly fight all season long. They argued over everything from his sobriety to his career to her straightforward delivery! Then, things came to a head in the Season 8 finale when Carl decided he had enough! He sat Lindsay down to end their engagement just three months before their wedding in November 2023 — on camera. And it was brutal to see, Perezcious readers! Hoping to work out their issues, Lindsay began the intense conversation by saying:

“I do not want to fight with you. It’s not productive, it’s not helping either of us. Today I was like, ‘Oh, maybe Carl sees me asking questions is me belittling you or thinking you’re not capable.’ And then I was like, ‘But where did this come from?’”

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However, it was clear from the start that Carl wasn’t interested in working things out! He was just done by that point! The former Lover Boy employee went on to call out Lindsay for her lack of support and shooting down several of his career ideas, including acting and opening a sober bar:

“I have asked for you to be a little more comforting and excited and positive, versus the questioning. I literally live in two different worlds with you.”

In addition to having no support from the publicist, he felt she often took jabs at him:

“Time and time again you’re over-questioning, you bulldoze me, you called me a loser. You called me a little b***h, you called me a little baby, little mama’s boy, ‘run home to your parents.’’

Jeez! And things took a dark turn when Carl went as far as to accuse Lindsay of wanting him to relapse amid his sobriety journey:

“I don’t think you trust me. I think you think I’m gonna relapse. I think you want me to relapse. I think you want me to fall back so you can control me even more.”


As you may recall, the former couple had an explosive argument over the summer after Lindsay accused Carl – who is three years sober – of being on drugs and acting like “Cocaine Carl” again. He denied the allegation. Their cast members backed him up. While Lindsay and Carl moved on from the fight, that incident clearly still bothered him.

Ultimately, he felt they “trigger each other” and he didn’t want to “live like that” — not anymore. No matter what they try to do, he doesn’t think their communication will be fixed. And he wanted their relationship to be over:

“We are supposed to be married in two and a half months and I’m not ready to do that. I don’t feel comfortable. I’m hurt, I’m really unhappy and I don’t think our communication is going to improve.”

What did Lindsay have to say? She was visibly taken aback by the whole talk, of course. She also was so over the conversation once Carl admitted he wanted to break up:

“You want me to fight right now for this relationship? I’m not gonna beg you to be with me. There’s no more point to this conversation, you’ve made the decision clear.”

After moving to separate areas in their NYC apartment, Lindsay immediately called her father to vent about the situation while Carl awkwardly listened in the other room. He spoke to the camera about how she would pull a “blindsided” act following the fight — even though they’ve had major problems in the relationship for a year. In Lindsay’s defense, she did seem pretty blindsided by the fact that he abruptly broke up with her on camera! She initially came into the discussion thinking they would talk everything out and wrap up the season on a better note! What she didn’t expect was her then-fiancé to brutally go off on her and then dump her on camera! Just saying! Carl continued:

“I’m gonna be the asshole again and my life will be canceled. But she’ll be the fallen woman who everyone’s gonna feel sorry for.”

Between the constant bickering and the lack of intimacy, it’s no wonder why these two didn’t work out. They clearly were not meant to be in the long run! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you ready to see these two battle it out during the reunion next? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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