Boo! Delta Airlines Removes All The Gay Stuff From Showings Of Oscar Nominated Film Carol!

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Uh… oops?!

Delta Airlines customers watching Carol during their flights this summer ought to note the version they see is NOT the full version of the Oscar nominated film!

In fact, it seems some REALLY critical scenes are missing!

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The film, based on Patricia Highsmith‘s novel The Price Of Salt, stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as two women in the 1950s who have a love affair neither of them expected.

It’s a classy, understated, moving portrayal of passion in a time of repression — and yet the Delta Airlines version set for its in-flight TV screens has omitted all — literally ALL — love scenes!

That means not even a single scene where the two women KISS!!! How is that even possible?!?!

The controversy first came to light when comedian Cameron Esposito noticed it during her recent Delta flight, and tweeted about it on Wednesday (below):


For their part, Delta released a statement about how they chose an edited version of the film to show in-flight, and that edited version means not only are there no sex scenes, but the kissing scene itself was ripped out, too:

“If we were worried about kissing we wouldn’t be showing the film in the first place, but because there are scenes with more than a few seconds of nudity, we opted for the edited version instead of the theatrical version.”


So the “edited” version censored all traces of lesbians?? Nice.

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Phyllis Nagy, the screenwriter who was nominated for an Oscar for Carol, also points out that while some other airlines have chosen like Delta and opted for the edited version of the film, others have decided that the full, theatrical version suits their audiences the best.

Nagy wrote on Twitter, responding to fans (below):

No kidding!!!

It doesn’t look like Delta has any plans to change their version of Carol, so if you watch it in-flight, the movie won’t make any damn sense.

But hey — no one has walked out yet.

[Image via The Weinstein Company.]

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