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Jennifer Lawrence Injured During Filming In Set Explosion Gone Wrong



A controlled glass explosion during the filming of Adam McKay‘s comedy Don’t Look Up has gone TERRIBLY wrong. On February 5, production called it temporary quits in Boston after star Jennifer Lawrence wound up injured. Apparently, the glass from the stunt hit her right in the face and nearly missed one of her eyes! AHHH! That’s SO scary!

According to sources who were reportedly on scene at the time:

“An explosion was set up for a stunt in which glass shatters. It was a stunt in which the glass was supposed to shatter — but it injured her.”

Whoa. Can you imagine being on a set where that happens?

Actors and crew put their trust into the safety of these props and special effects — and this sounds like way too close of a call, even though we’re hearing that JLaw only suffered minor injuries. Still, it wasn’t JUST the Silver Lining’s Playbook star in this scene, and so many people could’ve gotten seriously hurt.

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Lawrence had been filming at the time in question with Dune actor Timothée Chalamet. Reports allege that the two actors, along with a ton of background actors, were seated inside a restaurant during a scene being shot around 1 am. From what we’re learning, the crew created the effect for a moment that called for an exploding window. Per sources, the Oscar-winning actress got hit in the face after a trashcan went through the glass, and she could be seen holding her face while leaving the filming site.

Clearly, none of it went as planned. Hopefully moving forward, they get their act together.

As of now, Lawrence is apparently expected to return to set on Monday. But we’re also seeing reports which state it may not be until later in the week.

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In the film, which will be released on Netflix in 2021, the 30-year-old plays a lower level scientist alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. It sounds like our favorite Titanic heartthrob wasn’t on scene during the disastrous explosion — and neither were the other A-list cast involved in the project (such as Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, and Matthew Perry). Now, the incident Friday marks yet another time the film production has been delayed; it was originally delayed substantially due to the worldwide pandemic that’s affected everything for the last year.

ANYWAY, what do YOU all think? Are you surprised when you hear about freak disasters like this one on set?

Let’s hope production gets their stuff together… and let’s really hope that Jennifer Lawrence gets better soon and comes out fine!

[Image via Apega/WENN]

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