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Chris D’Elia Reveals He Went To Rehab For Sex Addiction After Disturbing New Sex Cult Allegations

Chris D’Elia Reveals He Went To Rehab For Sex Addiction After Disturbing New Sex Cult Allegations

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Chris D’Elia seems to be responding to the latest allegations against him by opening up about a recent stint in rehab.

During a new episode of his Congratulations podcast this week, the 42-year-old standup comedian revealed he sought treatment for sex addiction for a month between November to December, saying about his time:

“Nobody knows about this, but I went to rehab… I went to rehab, I was there for a month. I went back in November, and we pre-record a lot of this s**t [podcast episodes].”

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Chris, who previously admitted that sex “controlled” his life, went on to express how he should have sought out help a long time ago:

“And [I] just shoulda done it this whole time honestly. Shoulda done it years ago. [I] didn’t, because I had excuses in my head about Covid and s**t and all that, but yeah. I did it because I had to, you know, for my addiction and all that s**t. I need to be present, but my god it was a trauma-based thing that I went to and one of the best in the world. And, holy f**king s**t man, really the work that they do there is absolutely amazing. I was there and I was scared as s**t.”

But two weeks into his stay, the You alum realized that “everybody should do this,” adding:

“You know who else you talk to… you close your EYES and you talk to YOU AS A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD. OH S**T DUDE… the f**king tears, bro. And, it was, it was transformative, dude. It was so unbelievable, dude.”

Of course, this podcast episode comes at an interesting time. In case you didn’t know, Chris was previously accused of sexual misconduct, grooming, and soliciting child pornography. The actor has denied the allegations, maintaining all of his relationships were “legal and consensual,” and he “never knowingly pursued any underage women at any point.” However, comedian Kyle Anderson came out with a roughly hour-long video on Youtube called “The Chris D’Elia Problem” that deep dives into sexual assault and exploitation claims against Chris. And what was revealed in the documentary is shocking and disturbing!

Anderson spoke with multiple women – who went by the names of Christine & K, June, Jessica, and Jazzmyn – about his predatory behavior and the alleged sexual encounters they had with Chris while underage. Jazzmyn claimed she was in an abusive relationship with the Whitney star from “March of 2020 to April of 2022,” noting that despite facing assault allegations, “nothing ever changed, even when he posted the apology video.” She claimed Chris tried to have a “sex cult” with a bunch of women living under the same roof and “serving him and worshiping him”:

“He was dead serious about his, like, cult. He legitimately wanted it to be like a cult. Like he wanted, that was his big dream was to have at least like a couple of his girls live together. Basically, have a harem.”

WTF. During that alleged relationship with the victim, Chris was with his longtime partner Kristin Taylor. Jazzmyn claimed she told his wife what he was doing, including the fact that he liked to record him doing stuff with “his girls” and keep the explicit content on his computer:

“His wife is sitting there with all this proof at her hands, at her fingertips and she just can’t seem to get her hands on it.”

Beyond the victims, Anderson also interviewed Chris’ former tour manager, who said:

“When you have someone close to you who is a monster, but you don’t see it at the time. He wears his mask extremely well… The Chris situation is on the Bill Cosby level in my opinion.”

Whoa. You can watch the entire documentary into the allegations (below):


His latest comments about his “sex addiction” and time in rehab sound remarkably casual considering the TERRIBLE sexual assault accusations against him. “Shoulda done it years ago”?? Yeah, no s**t. Where’s the help for his alleged victims? Sigh. Anyway, do you think Chris’ treatment was as “transformative” as he claims?? Let us know your thoughts, Perezcious readers! Sound OFF in the comments.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and would like to learn more about resources, consider checking out

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