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Paris Hilton's Ex-Fiancé Chris Zylka Tells His Side Of Breakup -- Despite Confirming He Had To Sign An NDA!

Chris Zylka Explains Paris Hilton Breakup Confirms NDA

Well, this is a surprise!

We haven’t heard from Chris Zylka in quite a while… basically since he and Paris Hilton broke up. The couple seemed like they were going to go the distance for a while, even getting engaged during New Year’s weekend in 2018!

But just 10 months or so later they called off their engagement — something Paris later called “the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.” What did Chris have to say about the breakup? Nothin’. Nada. Wait, we typo’ed there, we meant NDA!

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Yeah, word was the Shark Night actor wasn’t allowed to say anything about the split due to signing an NDA. But now he’s either breaking (or maybe bending?) that contract. Because on the latest episode of Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide on Wednesday, Chris opened up about the split! Why? He wants to apologize! He told the crew:

“I’ve never been able to apologize to her for just like — not being grateful for the experience and all that she did for me. Because she’s the one relationship that I’ve ever had that there was no take, it was all give. It was all give. And it was really lovely.”

Wow! He confirmed he signed an NDA — thinks he’s in the clear to say this much because he’s not willing to say anything “negative”:

“I’m not supposed to say anything because when we did finalize everything and breakup — I know about past breakups with her, so I did sign an NDA saying that I won’t write a book or say anything like that — but there was never anything negative that I could say.”

He told the podcast hosts:

“I have nothing bad to say, and anyone that does have anything bad to say about her, is probably a bad person, to be honest with you… I cannot tell you one bad thing about Paris, like that was all me.”

That wasn’t exactly symmetrical. Paris has said recently she didn’t enjoy sex until her husband Carter Reum, whom she married in 2021. Ouch, right? That’s a painful implication!

But that wasn’t the reason for the breakup, not according to Chris. The Leftovers star says it was a much more typical friction between love and work. He says while dating Paris he just wasn’t able to continue his career because he was with her all the time. He said “acting wasn’t a choice for me during that time.” And it turned out it was “the one thing I couldn’t live without”:

“My work was just really important to me. And I obviously chose her over work, and I don’t regret it. It was at the peak of my career. We were going into the final season of The Leftovers. And my time with her, I didn’t work, which was just two, three years…”

Was there no way to balance that? We mean, most couples have to make relationships work while also keeping their jobs. Then again, Paris’ DJing takes her all over the world, and acting requires the same kind of sacrifice. So yeah, we guess it makes sense.

Chris Zylka covers up his tattoo!
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Since the breakup it’s not like Zylka’s career has boomed. He’s been in a couple things and has two horror movies coming out soon, according to his IMBD. Did taking that break at “the height” of his career hurt his momentum? If so, Chris says his time with Paris was worth it:

“The overall experiences and just the people, the people that you would meet… Just such lovely people.”

He added:

“I miss her family. I miss her mom and dad and her brothers and sister. I miss driving from her house to Bel Air to hang out with them.”

Awww! Sounds like he’s getting really nostalgic! But he’s kept up with Paris’ life a bit — and says it’s great to see her career “booming.” See Chris’ full interview (below)!

[Image via IPA/WENN/Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide/YouTube.]

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