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Chrishell Stause Calls Keo Motsepe A 'Love Bomber' Just Like Justin Hartley!

Chrishell Stause Calls Keo Motsepe A ‘Love Bomber’ Just Like Justin Hartley!

Chrishell Stause just slammed both her exes in one fell swoop!

In an excerpt of the Selling Sunset star’s new book Under Construction, obtained by E! News on Tuesday, the reality star opened up about her relationship with Keo Motsepe, her first serious romance since her bitter divorce from Justin Hartley. From the sounds of it, the Dancing With The Stars pro was a lot more similar to the actor than she would have liked!

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Musing on her divorce, the author wrote:

“Did I learn from my mistakes after Justin? Well, when it comes to love I’m still a work in progress.”

Then, seemingly referencing Keo, who was the same “type” as her ex, she added:

“I did fall for another love bomber not long after my divorce, and we were quickly heading toward real commitment.”

Yikes! For those that don’t know, a love bomber is someone who attempts to manipulate a person, either positively or negatively, through excessive displays of attention and affection. And after gaining that favor, they turn off the charm. Judging by the context, these men where definitely erring on the negative side of that!

Stause went on to describe the 32-year-old as a “tall dancer” who started as an “amazing, positive, generous guy.” Things quickly went downhill after they left the “honeymoon phase,” she added:

“This time, instead of making excuses for his behavior, I actually opened my eyes, pushed past the smoke and mirrors, and saw the truth. I’d gotten stronger, and as soon as I realized how deep his apparent lies went, I was the one who ended it.”

While the “last thing” she wanted to do was “rehash old wounds” in her new book, out on February 8, she did feel like it was important to bring up considering the lessons she learned after both failed relationships. As Perezcious readers know, Motsepe and Stause dated for three months in 2021 after she finalized her divorce from the This Is Us lead, whom she married in 2017. Things seemed to be going well until they dramatically split out of nowhere. Sound familiar?

A similar thing happened when Justin filed for divorce, alerting her “via text.” Even though she knew things weren’t “perfect” in their relationship, the split came as a “complete shock.” With some distance from this complicated past now, the 40-year-old looked at the situation with a glass-half-full attitude, saying:

“Being so far away from it now I can see that what happened [with Justin] was a gift. Now I understand much more clearly how I deserve to be treated.”

The All My Children actress insisted she was too blinded by her love for the actor to notice the warning signs, adding:

“When someone is in love, it’s hard to convince that person that the relationship isn’t right. Even if he’s waving red flags like a bullfighter to everyone around you, you’re the girl striding right up to him, oblivious to any impending danger. You’re too distracted and in your own world to listen.

But also, sometimes a healthy relationship that starts out with zero warning signs can turn toxic over time, and you can end up bringing out the worst in each other simply because it wasn’t meant to be. If you’re a naturally optimistic person like I am, it’s hard to look for warning signs when you’re falling in love. You’re hopeful, and no one’s perfect, and everything in you wants it to work.”

While still upset with the way Hartley handled the breakup, she knows he wasn’t all to blame.

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Chrishell wrote:

“Part of adulting is realizing that there are two people in a relationship and owning your part in what went wrong. Being the victim and staying bitter won’t help you grow and move on. Getting some distance from a relationship that you think is good for you allows you to see the cracks in the foundation, and to spot all the red flags.”

Once dating Keo, she was more prepared to look for red flags, and the second she saw them, she got the hell out of the relationship and never looked back.

“While it hurt, I was able to put it all behind me quickly. Before him, after a breakup I usually couldn’t eat or sleep, but this time was much different. I took care of myself, I kept busy, and I felt strong knowing that I’d done the right thing for me.”

The best part is she felt SO good after cutting ties with her beau — a clear sign something wasn’t working! She noted:

“Instead of feeling sorry for myself after we broke up, I felt empowered.”

The Netflix personality was most recently linked to her boss Jason Oppenheim, but they broke up just five months after going public with their relationship. It doesn’t sound like he was a “love bomber,” though — he just wasn’t ready to settle down and have kids yet.

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