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Chrissy Teigen Shows Off MASSIVE Swollen Lip -- But It's No 'Filler Fail'

Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Massive Swollen Lip After Biting Into Orange

Chrissy Teigen would like to clear the air: her lips might be puffier than a hot air balloon but it’s not because of a cosmetic surgery gone wrong! These lips are all natural!

On Sunday, the cookbook author shared a series of selfies on Instagram showing off her MASSIVE lips (inset, above) which were the consequence of digging into “a suspicious orange.” Yikes! The momma of two explained:

“lmao lookin great!! not filler fail – I’d tell you! I don’t give a shit! It happened after I bit the skin of a suspicious orange. Maybe pesticides on the outside? I look like a juicy blow up doll, freshly unpacked.”

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Seriously, WTF. We’d be bugging out if our lips suddenly swelled up like that overnight! A day prior, the cool-as-a-cucumber comedienne told her IG Story:

“You’re all just going to think that I got lip fillers but I didn’t get lip fillers between last night and now. I bit an orange to try and open it and I think there must have been a pesticide on it or something. Look at this. It’s hard.”

Chrissy Teigen Shares Swollen Lips On IG Story
“I feel like it’s getting bigger,” the TV personality said on Saturday, adding that her nose was swollen, too! / (c) Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Back in 2019, the avid tweeter shared a similar experience with her followers when she wrote about her time dealing with altitude sickness in Utah. While perhaps not quite as dramatic, the post included near identical lip pics (below)!

Even crazier, last year John Legend’s wife announced pieces of her tongue were “falling off”!!! At the time, she uploaded a graphic video on socials, warning squeamish viewers to scroll away if they didn’t want to see actual CHUNKS of her tongue gone. Teigen added:

“I told you, I’m eating so much sour candy that my tongue is falling off. Look at this. It’s literally falling off because I eat so much in the night. I eat sour straws. I suck on them and then after them, I have my Blow Pops. It’s just falling off, my tongue.”

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We honestly didn’t know any of these strange side effects of food could occur in the first place, so we guess we owe this woman a big thanks for giving us a heads up. But damn, what’s with Chrissy and food these days?? Girl needs to catch a break!

Reactions, readers?? Anything this strange happen to you before? Share in the comments!

[Image via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram]

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