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Chrissy Teigen Has Been Eating So Much Sour Candy During Pregnancy That Her Tongue Is Falling Off!

Chrissy Teigen has been eating WAY too much sour candy so far during her pregnancy!

First, they’re sour… but will they ever get sweet?!

Chrissy Teigen has been nothing short of open and honest during her third pregnancy thus far, and that streak continued on Thursday when she revealed how she’s been eating so much sour candy it’s seriously starting to affect her tongue! No, really — the model even shared WILD video evidence of it all happening!

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The 34-year-old soon-to-be mom of three took to her Instagram Stories sharing several videos in succession detailing some of the issues she’s been having with her bitter craving — weird and kind of funny, of course, but it’s regrettably turning into a serious issue, too!

The Cravings cookbook author explained more, flipping the camera into selfie mode (screenshots, above) and showing off her poor, poor tongue while explaining her little predicament (below):

“I told you I’m eating so much sour candy that my tongue is falling off. Look at this. It’s literally falling off because I eat so much in the night. I eat sour straws. I suck on them and then after them, I have my Blow Pops. It’s just falling off, my tongue.”

That’s crazy! Is that, like, a normal thing?! The supermodel-turned-TV star went even further, holding up what appeared to be little bits of skin from her poor tongue that evidently have been flaking and falling off. Oh nooooo!!!!

John Legend‘s wife went on to add more from there, noting it’s not just the sour candy itself that’s an issue, but her tongue problems are now affecting the rest of her diet, too:

“I’m trying to eat my noodles, but it’s so painful. It’s hard to eat anything hot, spicy especially. I don’t know how to eat it. I think I’ll have to put saran wrap on my tongue or something, like a tongue condom of some sort. It hurts.”

Crazy!!! Also, thinking of a tongue condom… no, you know what, we’re just gonna leave that one alone. Ha!!

According to Healthline, it’s not uncommon for the tongue’s top layer to become damaged and peel after consumption of highly acidic food or drink (possibly including sour candy!). Then, as the top layer peels, the cells underneath become more sensitive and can cause pain upon eating other foods (especially spicy foods) because they’re not accustomed to being exposed in that manner. Science!

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Science ‘n facts ‘n s**t aside, scrolling Chrissy’s prolific Twitter feed tells us this whole thing was foretold less than a week ago when the pregnant celeb tweeted out this ask of her extremely active followers:

We should’ve seen it coming! Now, not even a week later, the rest is history!

Thankfully, it appears the Lip Sync Battle star’s diet got back on track later Thursday night — er, at least, she was able to consume a few calories that weren’t of the sour candy variety. Hours after revealing her tongue-tied troubles, Teigen shared this post on her IG Stories:

Chrissy Teigen White Castle Burger
Sometimes you’ve just gotta give in to temptation and get the square burger! / (c) Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy has the diet of a 15-year-old without parental supervision right now, and honestly, we say that while being as jealous as can be! Ha!!! Tough to imagine somebody going their entire pregnancy on White Castle burgers alone, but it’s definitely a heartier meal than sour candy! Seriously, though, what do U make of these crazy sour candy problems, Perezcious readers?! What a situation!

Sound off with your take down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram]

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