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Claudia Conway Posts Written Statement Clearing Her Mom's Name -- But Fans Think It's A Cry For Help!

Claudia Conway statement tiktok stop help kellyanne

Is Claudia Conway hanging up her cape already?

The daughter of Kellyanne Conway and internet-dubbed resistance hero uploaded a PR statement to TikTok Tuesday night, claiming that she has no “‘special’ insight into the President’s health status” and is not the “‘whistleblower’ of our time” days after sharing a series of controversial posts she made about her mother’s COVID-19 status.

As you may know, the 15-year-old has attracted national attention over the past few months thanks to her politically-charged TikToks and public feuds with her family members.

Over the weekend, Claudia broke the news that her mother had contracted the coronavirus — before Kellyanne even publicly confirmed her diagnosis — and claimed the former White House mouthpiece had lied to her about it and not quarantined, leading her to get infected as well. Hours later she made headlines after suggesting that Donald Trump’s condition was much worse than he claimed it was following POOTUS’ COVID-19 recovery!

Due to her apparent inside scoop, fans and media outlets alike started to call Claudia a “whistleblower.” But it sounds like that’s not a role the teen wants to assume, as she lambasted her admirers for painting her as a political vigilante when she simply wanted to be something else: your average TikTok star.

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At least… that’s how the statement made it seem. It reads:

“It has come to my attention that my recent TikToks and comments have sparked intense controversy and uproar. This was not my intent. I am appalled at the mainstream media’s efforts to exploit a teenage girl, which is negatively affecting my mental health. I am not the ‘whistleblower’ of our time. I am simply a fifteen year-old with a following and bad luck when it comes to media coverage. Leave my family and me alone.”

As for her comments about Trump not “doing better” following his COVID-19 diagnosis, the teen offered:

“When I said that President Trump was not “doing better,” I was, as many teenagers are, speculating and assuming. I have absolutely no “special” insight into the President’s health status. I did not get any information from my mother. I wish the President and the First Lady great health and a speedy recovery.”

The statement went on to address a since-deleted TikTok in which Claudia can be seen retracting a claim she made about her mother lying about the negative results of a COVID-19 test — all while Kellyanne can be heard instructing her daughter in the background. See (below):

Claudia echoed the explanation that “a miscommunication between us led me to think that she told me her test was negative instead of positive, without me knowing she had three tests done,” adding:

“My mother did not lie to me. She has done everything in her power to ensure my safety and health and the safety of the rest of our family amidst her (and my) diagnosis.”

The statement concluded on a questionable note, with Claudia writing:

“I am currently quarantining and isolating with my mother. We are doing everything we can to stay healthy. We are going to enjoy our quarantine together, away from social media.”

Hmm… not the typical Gen-Z prose we’re used to seeing from this teen. It’s almost as if it were written by a PR professional. Someone who makes a living out of spinning lies…

Well, that’s what many of Claudia’s TikTok followers were wondering after the statement was posted! Many suggested her mother wrote it, and even that she was communicating something else entirely. While the teen repeatedly denied in the comments that she didn’t write the post or that her mother forced her to write it, there’s evidence they may be right on the money…

Firstly, Claudia kept changing the soundtrack of the post — many viewers pointed out the sound of the post when they saw it featured a song with the lyrics “save me.” The original sound is still listed for the post as the “My Vegan Teacher” meme, in which a woman sings:

“My bulls**t detector just went off, I think you’re full of s**t.”

Inneresting. In response to comments about the sound choice, Claudia claimed that “tiktok keeps adding weird sounds” and that the platform “chooses random sounds.” Uh huh.

It’s also worth noting that despite claiming in the statement she would be staying “away from social media,” Claudia has already posted two more TikToks in the hours since — including one that says “BOOST ME I WANT ATTENTION.”


So… what do U think is going on here, Perezcious readers? Did Kellyanne get fed up with Claudia’s TikTok-ing and order her to post this statement? Or should we take the teen’s words at face value and stop listening to her altogether? Read her full statement (below) and share your thoughts in the comments!

@claudiamconwayi keep having to repost it because tiktok keeps adding weird sounds♬ original sound – ThatVeganTeacher


[Image via Stefani Reynolds/WENN/Claudia Conway/Instagram]

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