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Courteney Cox & BF Johnny McDaid Reunite After 9 MONTHS Apart!

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid Reunite & Thank Irish Frontline Workers In New Video Message

Together at last!

After nine months apart due to the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid have finally reunited in a video message of thanks for frontline workers in the singer’s hometown of Derry, Ireland!

On December 11, the happy couple shared their gratitude to the essential workers at Ráth Mór in Creggan, a community center that promotes “social enterprise, social justice, peace building, wellbeing and inclusive dialogue,” according to their Twitter bio. Certainly a much needed space for people today! The Friends star beamed:

“We just want to thank all the people at Ráth Mór in Creggan for all the incredible work you’ve done this year.”

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Her beau added:

“Well done guys. Thank you so much for all the work. It’s so appreciated. I know it’s been a really tough year, but here’s to a great 2021 ahead.”

This couple can definitely relate to having a tough year. Initially used to brief separations due to work, they unexpectedly spent almost the whole year in different countries due to unprecedented lockdown requirements thanks to COVID-19.

The Cougar Town lead told Ellen DeGeneres back in May:

“He was supposed to go to Switzerland to write and instead, he had to go to England first and then, all of a sudden, [quarantine] happened. I have not seen him in so long and you don’t realize, we spend a lot of time on FaceTime, but now, it’s like, Oh, my god, I just miss, you know, his physical touch. Just all of it. It’s been hard, really. This is the longest time.”

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Now it seems they’re as close as can be in the sweet vid (above)! We’re so happy to see them overcome these challenging months away from one another, especially after having worked so hard to find common ground and rebuild their relationship following a 2016 breakup. During that time, the 56-year-old explained to Bear Grylls:

“You know, he’s from Ireland. And the way he regards love is precious. We have to treat it in a different way. It’s more special. You coddle it. So, I didn’t know how to regard love the way he does. And I definitely made a lot of mistakes that I see, whether it’s co-dependency or people-pleasing. I didn’t know how to bring it in. It was always external. I definitely have learned a lot, and no matter what, I will be a better person from that breakup, even though it was so brutal.”

It looks like they took the time needed to grow back stronger than ever, and we’re so glad to see them reunite this holiday season after what we all know has been a difficult, lonely year.

[Image via Ráth Mór Creggan/Twitter]

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