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Dean McDermott PISSED Tori Spelling Moved Into RV With Kids... Or Is It A 'Summer Vacation'??

Dean McDermott PISSED Tori Spelling Moved Into RV With Kids... For A 'Summer Vacation'??

Dean McDermott is NOT HAPPY with Tori Spelling‘s parenting decisions right now!

According to sources for on Friday, the 56-year-old actor is infuriated with his estranged wife right now because she’s living in an RV with their five kids — Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, 6 — despite “offers from friends to stay in their homes”. The insider dished to the outlet:

“Dean is legit mortified, as are all of Tori’s friends. They do not understand why she would be doing this unless for sympathy. She has money.”

Along with their beliefs the 50-year-old actress is roughing it in a van for “sympathy,” the source also claims she “is not broke”:

“She is not broke and she has gotten offers from friends to stay at their house. Dean does not think that the kids should be living like this and of course he is angry. He is furious at Tori because she is acting like a child. She had every opportunity to make this marriage work and instead, she fostered the narrative for years that she was done with Dean.”

Hmm. Not sure how much we buy the very Dean-leaning second half of that statement.

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Aside from all the drama, though, Dean is apparently still getting to talk to his kids “regularly,” which is his “main concern”. On Tori’s side, however, sources are painting things in a different light!

On Friday, while speaking to US Weekly, multiple sources came forward with claims that the Beverly Hills, 90210 star and her kiddos aren’t LIVING in the RV — they’re just having a budget-friendly family vacation! One source alleged:

“Tori is trying to have a summer vacation with her kids on a budget that works for her. Tori knows she’s going to get attention with her downgraded glamour vacation, but it’s also realistically all she can afford at the moment.”

We previously heard Tori was “struggling monetarily” from another source on Wednesday, who also claimed this camper trip was just a “mini vacation” — but they insist the money woes are REAL.

Another source on Friday, however, is saying the True Tori alum is simply wanting to “get away” from all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood:

“She is looking for peace of mind for her and her children. She’s doing it on a realistic budget that works for her right now … The truth is, she isn’t in a good place financially. She hasn’t necessarily been financially conscious with her money over the years, taking the family’s future into consideration, and it’s catching up with her.”

And the alleged reason for these financial struggles? Well, the source says it’s because Dean and Tori haven’t had a set budget in “a long time” — and apparently they “spend money like they’ll never run out of it”. Yeah, that can definitely catch up with you really quick, as we’ve seen with countless celebs.

Meanwhile, sources for on Friday said Tori is looking for work — but things aren’t easy right now, especially with the current SAG strike going on:

“Tori is caught between a rock and a hard place right now as she is trying to figure out what her next job is going to be because she is having some money issues. With the strike in full effect, she is looking into doing some more in the reality competition show world.”

The insider said she needs “a more consistent flow of money to come in,” but ultimately still “wants to be a mom first”:

“Scheduling is very important to her. As she tries to get on future shows, it all has to work out perfectly with her family. She is not desperate yet but let us see what happens in the next few months and what she might have to do to … make things work.”

In fact, there’s already word she may be coming to Dancing with the Stars in 2024:

“This might finally be the year that she does the show. So many 90210 stars have done it, so she would have so much support from her former cast members … The show would love her story and she would welcome the opportunity to tell her truth.  She feels that doing the show could open some doors for her going into the end of the year and into 2024. There have been talks to see what can be done, nothing official but the outcome is gearing towards her being on the dance floor.”

Wow! A possible return to the world of reality TV after all these years! But, of course, family always comes first. Hopefully she and Dean can sort out their issues and get back on track for the sake of their kids.

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