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Demi Lovato Reveals The Movie Moment That Made Her Realize She Was Queer!

Demi Lovato reveals the movie moment that made her realize she was queer.

Every openly queer person has their own personal coming out stories and unique memory of when they first realized they identified as LGBTQ — and now Demi Lovato is finally ready to share more about her own bisexual experience with the world!

On Friday, the newly single pop princess co-hosted Facebook Watch‘s Coming Out 2020 streaming event alongside Queer Eye star Tan France to recognize upcoming National Coming Out Day. During the event she spoke candidly about a certain classic ’90s film that she credits with making her realize her interest in women.

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Our photo up top might’ve already given it away, but Lovato explained how Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair‘s iconic kissing tutorial scene in the 1999 movie Cruel Intentions was truly a defining moment for her:

“It was definitely when I was young and should not have been watching Cruel Intentions but I did, and it was that scene where they made out on the park lawn. I was just like, ‘Oh, wait a minute. I really like that.’ I was like, ‘I want to try it!'”

Honestly, we can’t even blame her — that scene was hot, hot, HOT! A young, curious Demi kept her word, too, as she later found the courage to experiment IRL:

“And then, when I was like, 17, I did get down with that, and that’s when I knew. You want the tea? That’s it!”

We did! Thanks for spilling it, gurl! For nostalgia’s sake, relive the steamy scene again (below):

Phew! France’s story shared a common thread with Demi’s because he also came to a realization about his sexuality by admiring hot celebrities. In his case, an early fixation with Keanu Reeves began when his older sister had a poster of the actor posing shirtless for the movie Point Break. The fashion expert recalled:

“I was probably 8. She said, ‘I am going to marry him one day.’ And I said, ‘No, I am going to marry him!’ And as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I think I like boys,’ and her response was, ‘Boys don’t marry boys, stupid!'”

Oop, that story definitely didn’t age well. LOLz! Boys and girls can totally marry whoever the f**k they want these days! In same places anyway… Adding more context, he continued:

“She was only like, 13. She didn’t know, and I was like, ‘No, I am going to marry him one day! So Keanu if you are watching, watch yourself!”

Way to shoot your shot, dude! Sadly (for all of us), the humble & hunky Hollywood star is already taken but no harm in putting it out there, right?

More to the point though, it’s nice to hear Demi being so forthcoming about her bisexuality after she spent so long playing coy and kind of dodging it. Ch-ch-check out the pair’s conversation on queer identity (below):

And while you’re at it, here’s Demi admitting she used to drop clues about her feelings for women in her music to unbeknownst fans in this clip:

Perezcious readers, did any of this information surprise you? Share your reactions with us (below) in the comments!

[Image via Facebook Watch]

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