Film Critic Devin Faraci Slams Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments — Then Gets Accused Of Grabbing A Woman’s P*ssy!

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We give this reviewer two thumbs WAY down!

Movie fanatics are probably pretty familiar with the site Birth.Movies.Death. and the site’s now former editor-in-chief, Devin Faraci — but you may not know about his DISGUSTING past!

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Recently, Faraci took to Twitter, as many have, to Donald Trump‘s recent comments about sexually harassing and abusing women.

But he was in for a rude reminder when one online user called out the critic himself for sexually assaulting her in the past!

Devin had originally tweeted his opinions about Donald’s statements saying:

Well, one online user who goes by the handle @spacecrone responded saying:

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Disgusting. And obviously all too real, as Mr. Faraci quickly responded:

He doesn’t remember assaulting a woman? Seriously??

Obviously, he must have done so though, as he’s so quick to cop to it.

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The accuser then went on to detail what went down when she was assaulted and shed some light on rape culture:


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Since the tweets went viral, Faraci has “stepped down” as Birth.Movies.Death.’s editor-in-chief as a note on the site reads:

“I’m here to assure you that the site and magazine will continue, with a team of smart, passionate writers dedicated to bringing you the best in pop culture news and conversation today. Devin built this site into something we’re proud to continue and grow in his absence.”

Faraci also commented specifically on the issue, saying:

“This weekend allegations were made about my past behavior. Because I take these types of claims seriously I feel my only honorable course of action is to step down from my position as editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death. I will use the coming weeks and months to work on becoming a better person who is, I hope, worthy of the trust and loyalty of my friends and readers.”

In response to the story being picked up by several outlets and Twitter users, @spacecrone tweeted:

Tell ’em how it is grrrl!

The woman also explained:

While this is obviously a very terrible incident to bring to light, we’re glad more victims are coming forward and being less afraid to speak out against sexual assault and harassment!

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Oct 11, 2016 3:37pm PDT