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Dog The Bounty Hunter Offers His Own Reward For Brian Laundrie Info -- Making The Reward Total HUGE!

dog the bounty hunter, brian laundrie : offers his own reward for info in brian laundrie search

Dog the Bounty Hunter is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to finding Brian Laundrie.

Duane “Dog” Chapman joined the search for the 23-year-old last weekend after Gabby Petito’s death was ruled a homicide. Dog even seemed to be making some headway on the case — at one point, he claimed to be closing in on Brian’s campsite — but so far, the fugitive has eluded the reality star as well as law enforcement. But Dog hasn’t given up yet.

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On Friday, TMZ reported that the 68-year-old, his new wife Francie Frane, and the entire Chapman family have pledged $10,000 of reward money to anyone with information that leads to Brian’s capture. Dog is on record as saying:

“It doesn’t matter who catches him. We just want to do everything we can to help bring Brian in safely.”

Last we reported, the reward for this case had reached $30,000; since then, more donations from private individuals (including Dog now) have helped that number climb to a whopping $180,000!

Earlier this week, the father of 13 appeared to be hot on Brian’s tail, going so far as to tell TMZ he would be closing in on him within the hour. But according to the outlet, “rugged” terrain slowed down the search. After that, the manhunter “contracted a private search and rescue K-9 team” to search some of the nearby islands around St. Petersburg, Florida.

However, Dog’s motives have also been called into question recently, since Variety reported that the TV personality is in talks with production company ThinkFactory Media about creating a series to springboard off the excitement surrounding the Brian Laundrie search. He was previously booted off his last television project for some seriously questionable behavior (i.e. use of racist language), so we could definitely imagine him using the attention from this situation to rehab his image.

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We suppose none of it would matter if Duane actually apprehended Brian, but so far he doesn’t have much more to show for his search than the FBI. Instead, the hunt drags on… though he has generated plenty of press for himself in the process. In fact, the A&E alum seems to be spending a lot of time communicating directly with outlets like TMZ and Fox News for someone chasing down a fugitive.

We do sincerely hope the reward money makes a positive impact on this case. As long as justice is served, it doesn’t really matter who’s serving it. We’ll have to wait and see if that person ends up being Dog.

[Image via Dog the Bounty Hunter/Gabby Petito/Instagram]

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