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Eric Trump's Wife Says Trump Supporters 'Do Not Feel' Like Joe Biden Won Election -- Well Too Damn Bad!

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law says Republicans "do not feel" like Joe Biden won the election.

Eric Trump‘s wife has some thoughts, er, feelings about how this past presidential election went down! But it doesn’t really matter, because facts don’t care about her feelings!

Lara Trump, who in addition to being married to Eric was a senior 2020 campaign adviser for Donald Trump, went on Fox News Sunday on Sunday morning to discuss Joe Biden‘s win, and with it, Trump’s epic collapse in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona.

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Just one little problem here: it sounds like she’s having a LOT of trouble accepting the election results! In the interview, she claimed it was too hard to “rationalize” how Biden could have won (uhhh, he got more votes?!), while also saying Republicans “do not feel” like the outcome is even plausible. Dude, seriously?! We’re still going with this bull s**t??

Here is Lara’s full comment about Trump’s loss, which she just can’t handle:

“Last time I checked the people were still in charge of the United States of America and there are about 74 million people out there who do not feel like the result of this election that’s been presented is accurate. And I think it’s very hard for people to rationalize that a guy like Joe Biden who could barely scrape together 12 people to go to a campaign event for him, even a couple of weeks ago, suddenly somehow got around 80 million votes. Donald Trump gained 10 million votes from 2016, we all were out working across the country hard, you saw that tens of thousands of people would come to Trump events and then like 12 to 20 people showing up to a Joe Biden event.”

Of course, all this poses just one little problem for Lara: facts don’t care about her feelings!

It doesn’t matter if it does not “feel” like Trump lost, because he did! By MILLIONS of votes! And in the electoral college, too! And it wasn’t even particularly close!

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Nevertheless, Lara couldn’t stop herself from making unfounded claims that aren’t backed by evidence. At one point, she claimed dead people voted, and people voted in multiple states, while adding:

“We’re open to anything. So far, you’ve seen the fraud that has been uncovered, you’ve seen that dead people have been voting. People have been voting in multiple states. The people out there have been very clear something is wrong. We have been trying to get to the bottom of it from the Trump campaign, and we just want the right thing to happen, all the legitimate votes to be counted.”

They are “open to anything” except the facts, apparently.

You can watch that portion of Lara’s interview, promoted proudly by Trump’s campaign account (LOL) right here:


It’s just getting pathetic at this point.

What say U, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Fox News/YouTube]

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