Donald Trump Screams ‘No Collusion’ Amid Indictment Of Russians In Election Meddling — But No One’s Buying It This Time

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More evidence that Donald Trump is actually just 10 different catchphrases operating a giant leather pumpkin.

On Friday, it was revealed that a federal grand jury has indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged illegal interference in the 2016 election in the favor of — you guessed it — the gob of cheese wiz in chief.

The indictment, which came from special counsel Robert Mueller‘s office, said that a Russian organization called the Internet Research Agency attempted to wage “information warfare” against the U.S. by using fake personas and social media platforms.

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Officials of this so-called “troll farm,” allegedly under the control of a wealthy associate of Vladimir Putin, reportedly travelled to America to conduct research for fine-tuning social media posts and steal real people’s identities to purchase online ads.

The effort was apparently launched in 2014, and, according to the indictment, was “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton” by early to mid-2016.

So, what does the stable genius have to say about all this? His two favorite words: “No collusion!”

The President took to Twitter to profess that the “Trump campaign did nothing wrong,” reminding citizens that the Russians launched this campaign LONG before he announced his presidential bid:

Hmm├óΓé¼┬ª maybe Vlad’s campaign started a year before Trump’s official announcement, but the blabbermouth was teasing his presidential run throughout 2014 — MAGA catchphrase included:

If that’s not enough, Twitter responders supplied even more detailed receipts:

Need we say more?

Okay, we will…. collusion.

[Image via Media Punch.]

Feb 16, 2018 6:09pm PDT