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Dr. Dre & Estranged Wife Nicole Hooked Up Again Months After Split!


Just when we thought their divorce drama couldn’t get any more dramatic, some steamy new deets have emerged about Dr. Dre and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Nicole Young, that are straight out of a soap opera!

In legal documents obtained by the, we’ve learned that the former couple, who announced their split back in June of this year, actually hooked up a few months after Nicole moved out!

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According to papers filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, the record producer declared that he spent an intimate evening with Nicole around the time of their wedding anniversary on May 25. He claims she was the one to invite him over for dinner as they were still getting along:

“Nicole moved out of the family residence in or about March or early April 2020. We continued to speak, socialize and to see each other thereafter… for our wedding anniversary on May 25 2020, Nicole invited me to dinner at my Malibu residences where she was living. I accepted this invitation.”

Almost makes it sound as if the two were considering reconciling their marriage. That clearly did not happen, though, as the divorce only got more vicious as the months passed…

Nicole went on to accuse Dre of abuse throughout their marriage; the music tycoon is obviously trying to paint another picture. In the 189-page statement, he declares:

“Her recent assertions of fear or abuse and having been coerced or controlled by me are not supported by any evidence other than her say-so and are not credible to anyone who has ever encountered my wife or seen us together.”

Dre claims that his wife was completely lying about the abuse and his focus now seems to be on the time they spent together, as if that proves that she clearly had no issues being in his presence again. He writes:

“At no time did I ever abuse Nicole or threaten her physical safety. At no time were the police ever called during our marriage. There were never any domestic violence claims made by Nicole during our marriage. There is no documentary evidence of any alleged abuse. There are no texts, no emails, no photographs, no place reports, no domestic violence filings, no documents whatsoever and no witnesses to these offensive allegations. Nicole’s fabrications at this time are appalling and nothing but an effort to attempt to obtain more money than that to which she is entitled.”

Curiously, at no time does Dre try to defend himself against accusations of his unfaithfulness — which seems to be the trigger that set off their journey to Splitsville. Especially now with Nicole dropping the names of his supposed mistresses.

Is this situation simply a case of a bitter ex being pissed to the point where she wants to milk Dre for all he’s got? Or was he different behind closed doors, as so many abusers are.

A few months ago, when we learned of Nicole’s request for financial support of $2 million per month, it certainly seemed that way. The court also hasn’t ruled in her favor at this point, so she might be desperately reaching to have things work in her favor. Or maybe she’s just trying to get back at Dre after his company, Record One, issued a letter to the 50-year-old that accused her of embezzlement.

Oof. This battle is long from over. Up next, we’re waiting on Dre’s financial reports which will show how he spends his money — if he doesn’t cough that up, he could be looking at a $100k fine. Not that this will really hurt the multi-millionaire too badly. He seems to be okay, given he’s already paying Nicole a whopping $293k per month.

What do you all think, Perezious readers?! Drop us a line below!

[Image via Dr. Dre/Instagram]


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Dec 30, 2020 17:37pm PDT

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