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Margaret Qualley's Momma Andie MacDowell Keeping 'Extremely Close Watch' On Shia LaBeouf Romance After Abuse Allegations!

andie macdowell keeping close eye on Margaret Qualley's romance with Shia Labeouf

What do you do when your daughter goes for the bad boy?

That’s a question Andie MacDowell may be familiar with, considering her daughter Margaret Qualley’s last boyfriend was Pete Davidson, who has had plenty of struggles of his own. But Pete was never accused of anything as disturbing as Margaret’s current flame, Shia LaBeouf. The actor has had multiple run-ins with the law, and most recently was accused of violent abuse by his own ex, FKA twigs.

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According to a source for Us Weekly, the Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood star’s loved ones are very concerned about her allegedly volatile new beau. The insider said:

“[Andie is] keeping an extremely close watch on the situation. … If Shia so much as puts a foot out of line, she’ll come down on him like a ton of bricks.”

In other words, Shia, don’t mess with a momma bear!

We hope that threat holds some weight because we won’t lie, we’re feeling a little concerned, too. Apparently, though, the 26-year-old rising star doesn’t share the same concerns. The source revealed Margaret is “totally smitten,” sharing:

“She trusts he’s not the bad guy people say he is.”

maragret qualley and shia labeouf paparazzi shot
The new couple have been spotted out and about frequently in recent weeks, jogging, hiking, and packing on the PDA. / (c) WENN/Instar

Erm, except it’s not just “people” saying he’s a bad guy, it’s the Transformers star himself admitting to it. While he did dispute some of the abuse allegations against him, he told The New York Times he had to “accept accountability” for what he has done. In his own words:

“I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, only rationalizations. I have been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting the people closest to me. I’m ashamed of that history and am sorry to those I hurt. There is nothing else I can really say.”

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So, how did this couple even come to be? According to a source for People, the romance sparked after they starred in a music video for Margaret’s sister, Rainsford. They explained:

“They got close when they filmed Love Me Like You Hate Me in the early fall. They are both very passionate people. They are not dating, but have fun together. Margaret is a social butterfly and has a big group of friends. She doesn’t really bring Shia around this group though. She is not interested in having a boyfriend.”

Well, we’re glad to hear she’s not too serious about the relationship, although the plethora of PDA pics that have come out in the last few weeks seem to tell a different story. We’re also glad to hear she has a big group of friends looking out for her because isolating a victim from loved ones is a classic abusive tactic — and one that FKA twigs claimed the Disney alum used against her.

We’re wishing Margaret well and hope that it all works for the best!

[Image via Andrea Raffin/WENN/Avalon]

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