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Drag Race Star Widow Von'Du Arrested For Alleged Domestic Violence, Claims Self Defense

widow von'du : drag race star arrested for alleged domestic violence

Upsetting news from the Drag Race world.

Widow Von’Du, a contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12, was arrested on Monday in Jackson County, MO on charges of domestic violence. The performer (whose real name is Ray Fry) allegedly assaulted her boyfriend after finding him in her home, eventually knocking him unconscious and causing him to need 14 stitches in his face and head, as reported by TMZ.

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According to the probable cause affidavit obtained by the outlet, they claimed Von’Du came home intoxicated on Saturday night and was upset that her BF was sleeping in her house, though he claimed to police that she was aware he’d be there. The drag queen was reported to have then punched his face “four to five times,” strangled him, dragged him across the floor, and pushed him into a bed frame, which caused him to bleed from the head and knocked him unconscious.

After her unnamed partner escaped and sought medical treatment, he contacted police, who subsequently arrested Von’Du and charged her with one count of domestic assault in the first-degree and three counts of domestic assault in the second-degree, per People. She’s now on house arrest after posting $5,000 of her $50,000 bond on Tuesday, per court records.

TMZ reported how Von’Du said on an Instagram Live that “some White boy tried me and got his ass beat.” A leaked video of the arrest showed her claiming self defense, arguing:

“You’re taking me down because I was assaulted in my own apartment as someone else would not understand that his privilege does not extend to my apartment. As a Black man, I’m being arrested for defending myself in my apartment. And just because his ass got beat up because he would not leave when I asked five times, I’m being arrested. So what I want everyone to see, is that I’m being arrested for defending myself in my apartment, instead of someone being arrested for violating me.”

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Von’Du is due back in court on June 7, and in the meantime cannot contact the alleged victim or witnesses, and must not possess or be in the presence of firearms, according to People. A Kansas City Police Department representative told the outlet an investigation is ongoing.

This seems like a very complicated situation, particularly if Von’Du was acting in self defense as she claimed. Hopefully the full story comes to light and justice is adequately served.

[Image via VH1/YouTube & Jackson County Detention Center]

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