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Emily Blunt Clarifies THAT Tom Cruise P***y Story & Slams Fans For 'Ludicrous' Reaction!

Emily Blunt Clarifies THAT Tom Cruise Story & Slams Fans For 'Ludicrous' Reaction!

Emily Blunt isn’t mad at Tom Cruise — and she says nobody else should be, either!

The actress spoke up this past weekend about a memory she had from filming the 2014 movie Edge Of Tomorrow. But almost immediately after her new comments about that dropped, fans had a field day with the tale. And Tom got caught in the proverbial crossfire. So, now, Emily is trying to clear things up and smooth things over!

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On the latest episode of the Smartless podcast, the 39-year-old star recalled a story from the set of that 2014 blockbuster. In the flick, she and Tom had to wear “enormous” suits, as Emily remembered. When she put it on to film, she quickly realized how heavy and bulky it was. Thrown by how difficult it was to move around, she started to get emotional on set.

Blunt recalled what happened:

“The first time I put it on I just started to cry in front of Tom and he didn’t know what to do.”

Suddenly lacking confidence in her acting because of the suit’s limitations, she went to Tom for advice. Of course, he is MISTER action hero. So there’s no one better to ask for help on set of a film when physical activity is involved!

On the podcast, the London-born actress recalled how she carefully approached the Top Gun superstar:

“I was like, ‘Tom, I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this shoot,’ and just started to cry.”

Oh, man!

While the Jungle Cruise star tried her best to talk tactfully to Tom, he definitely didn’t give back the same energy. Rather, he chose to show some tough love to encourage his co-star to get through it! One might even say he was blunt to Blunt!

The actress recalled:

“I was like, ‘I’m feeling a bit panicky about the whole shoot,’ and he stared at me for a long time, not knowing what to do, and he goes, ‘come on, stop being such a p***y, OK?'”


Definitely not something you could say in, uh, most workplaces?! But in this context, for Emily, it… worked! She remembered reacting like this on set:

“I did laugh, and then we got through it.”

And get through it, they did! The movie ended up being well-received. Now, nearly a decade later, the rest is history.

…Or is it?

On Monday, Blunt had to re-address the backlash that came about over the last 48 hours following the revelation of this story via the podcast chat. Fans have been up in arms over the offensive language directed at Emily on Tom’s part. And, yeah, we get it. Calling someone that word is really not acceptable. But Blunt wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t actually offended by it. Rather, she saw the anecdote as an example of a helpful way to get past a hang-up.

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In a new statement to E! News about the fallout from her podcast story, Blunt said:

“It’s ludicrous that it’s being spun as something that offended me. It didn’t. I shared the story as lightheartedly as it was meant by Tom.”

And there’s no bad blood between her and Cruise, either! The Edge Of Tomorrow experience didn’t affect their relationship, and they still enjoy a good, friendly connection today.

Blunt added:

“I absolutely adore Tom, he’s a dear friend and he was a total gem to me. It was said as a joke to make me laugh, which it did in a big way. And it’s still something we laugh about to this day.”

So there you have it!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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