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Emily In Paris Star Ashley Park Opens Up About Battling Cancer As A Teenager: 'Mission To Not Let It Affect My Life'

Emily in Paris Star Ashley Park Opens Up About Battling Cancer As A Teenager

You never know the battles others have faced…

Ashley Park is one of the leading ladies of Netflix’s hit romantic comedy series, Emily in Paris, but her journey to living out her dreams wasn’t easy. In a new interview with Shape magazine for their Motivation Issue out on Thursday, the actress opened up about battling cancer as a teenager — and how the experience understandably changed her perspective on life.

When Park was 15, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. She then underwent a year of chemotherapy and radiation. Amid the intense treatment, she also had to follow a strict set of guidelines of things she could and couldn’t do, such as sticking to an approved nutrition plan.

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Thankfully, the treatment helped and she beat her diagnosis. The 31-year-old was then more motivated than ever to live her life to the fullest and turned to the theater because it allowed her to forget about her health issues, she explained:

“Once cancer physically left my body, I made it my mission to not let it affect my life. I didn’t want it to define me. People were so worried about me, and I became the person that was like, ‘I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I am going to go after what I want and just do it.’”

She certainly didn’t let it slow her down and she went on to star in several Broadway shows, including Mean Girls! Interestingly, her time on stage has actually taught her way more about her health and wellness views as an adult than her medical history, she detailed:

“When you’re performing so much, you realize that your body is your vessel — it’s your instrument. So, you have to treat it as such and really take care of it.”

So true! While she takes a lot away from her Broadway days — and physical health is so important to keep up with those crazy schedules — we bet she subconsciously learned a lot about her health while facing cancer, too. It must bring so much into perspective, especially at such a young age!

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These days, she primarily eats a plant-based diet, but because of her cancer journey, she does have to stray from the veggies-only meal plan from time to time, she noted:

“I am highly anemic because of what I went through with my cancer. So, I do like a nice steak every once in a while.”

Also, when it comes to health, she doesn’t forget to prioritize her mental health either, she insisted:

“I find that I am my happiest, most-fulfilled self when I’m surrounded by good people.”

We’re so glad she’s living her best life — and always keeping her health her number one priority! Fighting cancer as a teenager must have been so challenging, so she definitely deserves every bit of success she is enjoying now! Speaking off, the new season of Emily in Paris is expected to hit the streamer on December 21, and it promises to deliver even more love triangles! The actress teased while speaking to ET on the red carpet in (naturally) Paris, France on Tuesday:

“What I will say is that there’s been a couple love triangles at the heart of the show, and all I can say is, in season three, there’s definitely another one.”

Ch-ch-check out what’s to come (below)!

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