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Erika Jayne Fires Back At Fans Asking For Her To Be Fired From RHOBH, Claims It’s Her Main Source Of Income

Erika Jayne Fires Back At Fans Asking For Her To Be Fired From RHOBH, Claims It’s Her Main Source Of Income

Much of season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills focused on Erika Jayne’s divorce from Tom Girardi and their subsequent legal troubles — and the reunion was obviously no different, as Andy Cohen put her in the hot seat to chat about her sticky situation.

During the first part of the reunion on Wednesday night, the 50-year-old reality star clapped back at fans demanding that she get fired from the Bravo series due to her alleged involvement in her estranged husband’s embezzlement scandal. As you know, the 82-year-old ex-attorney was accused of allegedly embezzling funds meant for plane-crash victims in order to fund his and Erika’s lavish lifestyle over the years shortly after filing for divorce from Tom late last year. Their divorce was then slammed for being a “sham” to protect their assets. All of this has since caused an uproar amongst viewers to have her exit the show, but it doesn’t sound like the singer is done with RHOBH just yet. She expressed in the episode:

“No, why should I be fired? Why are we presuming that I’ve done something? Why aren’t we letting the legal process play out? You’ve heard one side, and a lot of bulls**t is on that side. Give me a chance to defend myself. Watch me. I’m ready for the challenge, watch me do it.”

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Haven’t we been watching her “defend” herself over the past couple of months? However, it seems like Erika may be holding onto the popular series tightly for another reason. The Chicago alum also confessed in the episode that RHOBH is the main source of income for her since filing for divorce:

“Yeah, unfortunately, it is. You know, that is more now of a consideration. Back then, when we were shooting the show, I was literally trying to survive. So now that we’re here, yes — that has come more into consideration.”

A report actually came out from The New York Times on Saturday, revealing that Jayne earned $600,000 for season 11, and Us Weekly reports that it will most likely increase if she continues for another season since she has been a huge player. So we can see why the performer possibly doesn’t want to leave right now — even though her legal team apparently advised her to do so:

“I said no because I have nothing to hide. And they said, ‘Well, you know that this s**t can get flipped around on you.’ Everything can be parsed, twisted, turned, and yes, possibly used against you. Whether it is true or not, it almost doesn’t even matter at this point.”

And while Xxpensive songstress contemplated saying goodbye before, she stayed on in order to “honor” her commitment:

“I wasn’t going to run away from what’s coming at me.”

Elsewhere in the reunion, Erika also touched on the lack of support from Tom during their marriage, citing how he never read her Pretty Mess memoir and never attended her Broadway debut. Considering that, Cohen then asked why she didn’t ditch the former lawyer sooner, especially given his alleged affairs. To which, Erika replied:

“The cheating is a part of it. There is so much more there. And I said to Tom, ‘If you are in love with someone else, divorce me and go be with her.’”

Following up, the host then questioned whether she “was faithful” to Tom before part one of the reunion closed out.

Ugh a cliffhanger!!! We’ll have to see what Erika says when part two happens next week! Reactions to what she had to say about RHOBH being her major income source, o anything she said about her current situation last night, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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