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John Mayer Reads Award-Winning Journalist To Filth Over Andy Cohen Romance Question -- And Writer Responds!!

John Mayer Reads Award-Winning Journalist To Filth Over Andy Cohen Romance Question -- And Writer Responds!!

John Mayer is hitting back at Andy Cohen romance rumors!

For a while now, the TV personality and musician have been rumored to be more than friends, with speculation kicking into high gear over the summer when the Watch What Happens Live host went on Howard Stern‘s radio show and claimed they were “in love with each other.” No wonder rumors started. LOLz! But in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, the Bravo star hit back at romance speculation, saying:

“Let them speculate! I honestly love John Mayer, and he loves me. But because we’re so affectionate toward each other, people don’t know what box to put that in. … They assume we’re sleeping with each other, which we are most definitely not.”

Well, just days later the Grammy winner also has a HOT TAKE on the speculation!

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John actually sent a letter to the THR reporter who conducted the interview, award-winning Co-Editor in Chief Maer Roshan, and he had THOUGHTS! In a letter sent to the editor and published on Thursday, the Your Body Is A Wonderland crooner wrote:

“I read your interview with Andy Cohen, and was intrigued by your line of questioning regarding our friendship. You posited that ‘your friendship with Mayer has been a subject of intense speculation. People seem dubious that a straight rock star can have a close platonic relationship with a gay TV personality.’ I think this is somewhat of a specious premise. First, there is a long and storied history of ‘rock stars’ (not mocking, just won’t refer to myself as one) befriending gay icons and artists.”

The 46-year-old guitarist went on to blast the writer, adding:

“Second, I think that to suggest that people are dubious of a friendship like mine and Andy’s is to undermine the public’s ability to accept and understand diversity in all facets of culture, be it in art or in real life. I’d like to think they’re sophisticated enough to see a relationship like ours without assuming it must include a sexual component. That turns the concept of being gay into an ignorantly two-dimensional one, which I know you know it’s not. I don’t question that at all.”

He continued:

“I love intelligent discourse — as I hope you’ll find this email to be — but I bristle at your selectively flimsy logic meant to coax an answer, when the premise itself is so deeply flawed, and quite possibly not even quantitatively true. Quite simply, if someone is dubious of a platonic relationship between a straight man and a gay man, I don’t think that shallow a view deserves clarification by anyone with self respect, be it Andy or your publication. Reinforcing the idea that any gay/straight relationship needs qualification that it’s not sexual devoids everyone involved of their dignity.”


He really lit into that editor and all those speculating about the pal’s friendship!

But the writer is already clapping back, too!! Roshan told Page Six on Friday that he respects John’s “thoughtful comments” but still “stand[s] by [his] question,” explaining:

“The media has spent years scrutinizing and coyly speculating about Andy’s relationship with John Mayer. … I wanted to know why Andy thought that even now, in 2024, there was so much skepticism about the idea that a gay guy and a straight guy can have a close platonic friendship. The fact that this tiny snippet in my 5,000-word interview generated such massive media attention kind of proves my point.”

As the co-editor-in-chief of the outlet, Roshan also said it was his choice to run the singer’s letter because he’s “a big boy who can withstand a little criticism.” He explained:

“I thought John raised some interesting points about this issue that deserved a hearing. I’m pretty sure my boyfriends can vouch that I’m far from a homophobe, just a journalist doing his job.”

As for John, it sounds like there aren’t hard feelings, the writer concluded:

“John Mayer and I actually had a nice email exchange after I received his letter, and I’m looking forward to seeing him perform at the Sphere next month.”

Hmm. Wonder if he’ll have more to say then?? This line of questioning clearly hit a sensitive spot for the artist!

Whose side of this are YOU on?!? Sound OFF (below)!

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