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Andy Cohen Praises BFF John Mayer’s Letter Slamming ‘Demeaning’ Romance Question! 

Andy Cohen Praises BFF John Mayer’s Letter Slamming ‘Demeaning’ Romance Question

Andy Cohen is applauding John Mayer’s defense of their friendship!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last week, Co-Editor in Chief Maer Roshan asked the Bravo personality about the “intense speculation” over whether he and the singer were more than friends. His answer? Andy immediately shut down the romance rumors.

That normally would’ve been the end of it, right? But shortly after, John entered the chat with a scathing letter to Roshan! The Your Body Is a Wonderland artist called out the editor for asking Andy about the rumors the two were romantically involved, writing:

“I think that to suggest that people are dubious of a friendship like mine and Andy’s is to undermine the public’s ability to accept and understand diversity in all facets of culture, be it in art or in real life. I’d like to think they’re sophisticated enough to see a relationship like ours without assuming it must include a sexual component. That turns the concept of being gay into an ignorantly two-dimensional one, which I know you know it’s not. I don’t question that at all.”

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Go off, John!! Roshan then addressed the letter. And despite what the musician said, even after the pair “had a nice email exchange” about the note, he still stood by the romance questions. Now, it is Andy’s turn again! And, of course, the Watch What Happens Live host had nothing but praise for John’s letter!

During Friday’s episode of the Daddy Diaries podcast, Andy first slammed the “demeaning” question about the nature of their friendship. He said:

“This should now put an end to anyone asking us, ‘What’s the deal with you two? Explain it.’ It is demeaning to ask a gay guy about being friends with a straight guy. … It does assume a gay guy can’t be friends with a straight person without them having sex.”

Then, the producer gave a shout-out to his longtime pal. Andy said he “cheered” while reading the letter to Roshan. Most importantly, he loved that John cared “enough about this trope being lazy and dumb that [he] would write this.” Andy continued:

“What an ally. I really just love that he did that, and I applaud him for wanting it published. Thank you, John, for going on the record about that. I thought it was really, really cool.”

Andy must be so proud to call John his best friend, especially after he stepped up to call out the question. Reactions to the drama, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube]

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