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Erika Jayne Dragged For Lip-Syncing '90s Singer Amber's Song & Passing Off Vocals As Her Own During Vegas Residency!

‘90s Singer Amber SLAMS Erika Jayne For Lip-Syncing Her Song During Vegas Residency!

Erika Jayne is getting BLASTED for lip-syncing to another artist’s song during her Las Vegas residency!!

On Tuesday, ‘90s singer Amber (born Marie-Claire Cremers) went OFF on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star after receiving a video of the reality star performing her hit track This Is Your Night! Rather than feel humbled by the tribute, Amber was furious because Erika was seemingly trying to play it off as her own vocals! WHAT?! Alongside a clip of the performance, the fed-up musician argued:

“So… today I was sent this clip here… and just like Karin Kasar from the Real McCoy had the nerve to lip sync to my track and original vocals, when she was on the road with them and act like it was all her, so does this one apparently… @theprettymess”

Dang! That seems like an obvious no-no. Right?!

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Explaining her initial confusion, Amber shadily added:

“at first, I thought it was a drag queen… you know… where men dress up as women and give a dramatic lip sync and people know and understand it as a clear art form and not being the actual real artist of the song and I can respect that, as I see that as an appreciation for the artist from the LGBTQIA+ community… after a little research however, it turns out, she was on one of these ‘housewives’ reality shows … no wonder I do not know her, as I do not watch that kind of stuff.”

Oof! But here’s where Amber gets to the real dirt. She went on to rant about the Bravo personality not putting in the work to record her own vocal track — something she seemingly would have approved —  instead of essentially stealing someone else’s voice! She argued:

“Then, I was told that she supposedly also is a singer with her own dance records…. ok… so then let me ask you this: Why are you not taking out a mechanical license and just set up a little produced track yourself and add YOUR OWN vocals on it and then lip sync the hell out of it (if you must lip sync, otherwise go live, girl!) without having to act like my vocals are all yours. Never, in a million years, as a self proclaimed performing artist, would I even come up with the thought of lip syncing to a track and a vocal of another artist (on a paid show on top), unless that is all I do and all people know me clearly for, as a drag queen…”


See the full rant (below)!

You can also take a listen to the original song:

It is really bad if Erika is trying to pass this off as her own vocals! We obviously don’t know how the 52-year-old leads into the song, so maybe she makes it clear it’s Amber’s OG track. We don’t know! We certainly can’t blame the Dutch singer-songwriter for being upset, though. Especially if this has happened before!

But considering how tickets to Erika’s show are going for SUPER low prices, maybe she couldn’t afford to do her own official rendition? Just saying… Not a good excuse but maybe it’s why she tried taking this easy way out?

At this time, Erika hasn’t addressed the controversy so it’s all just speculation for now. By the way, the residency ended on December 16, and it’s unclear if she’ll be adding any more shows in the new year.

What do YOU think of this controversy?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Amber/YouTube]

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