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Kristin Cavallari's Ex Jeff Dye Blasts Her For Publicly 'Shaming' Him Over DUI!

Kristin Cavallari's Ex Jeff Dye Blasts Her For Publicly 'Shaming' Him Over DUI!

Kristin Cavallari got a little too honest with her fans — at least in the eyes of her ex!

Back in October, comedian Jeff Dye was arrested for driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of a traffic collision. We later found out he got into a car accident when he was on the way to meet Kristin for a coffee date! What made the whole situation crazier? Jeff still went out with the reality star to the coffee shop! And Kristin witnessed him getting put in handcuffs by the cops that same day!

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The Laguna Beach alum recounted the horrible date story in detail on her Let’s Be Honest podcast a few weeks following the incident, saying:

“Next thing you know, the handcuffs go on. I’m like, ‘What the f**k is going on?’I go, ‘Can you guys tell me what is going on?’ One of the police officers goes, ‘There was a report of a hit-and-run down the street and he matches the description of the guy.’”

Whoa! What a horrible date!

Kristin didn’t name names on the podcast episode but she gave the clue that she “agreed to go meet someone that I dated for coffee.” Given the timing of the podcast and the 40-year-old’s very public arrest, everyone could easily guess she had been talking about Jeff! And he was not happy about Kristin putting this whole story out for the world!

Jeff is now publicly putting her on blast for “shaming” him over the DUI for the sake of views! During an appearance on the Smoochie Town With Marco DelVecchio podcast Thursday, he opened up about his sobriety journey, revealing he is “36 days sober now.” It appears his arrest did serve as a wake-up call for Jeff! Before getting sober, the Who the BLEEP Is That? host admitted, he “drank every single night,” adding:

“But just for fun… I was a very high-functioning alcoholic… for like 20 years.”

Looking back, Jeff shared how he would begin his nights watching sports at a bar before going drinking at a comedy club and then heading to another bar. And that was his routine “every night since 2005.” Holy s**t, the amount this man overspent on alcohol boggles our minds…

However, things changed when he got arrested. Recalling that day, Jeff said he was on the way to meet his famous ex following a night of “partying and drinking” whiskey with 15 friends at his house. He said he was running late and driving “very fast” when he suddenly lost control and crashed into a tree:

“I woke up late because I slept through my alarm. I jumped in the cold shower, I put a hat on and just got in my Tesla. Teslas are very fast and so I just lost control of my car and crashed it. This is 9 hours after I went to sleep. It wasn’t like I was leaving a bar, I wasn’t hammered. Once I crashed I was like f**k — there’s probably still some alcohol in my system.”

Jeff insisted he didn’t feel drunk at the time of the accident. Of course, Kristin said on her podcast that he told her he was still drunk from the night before. And we know he eventually blew “over the limit” on a breathalyzer to get the DUI. But at the time, he claims, he was just worried about how it would look. So instead of waiting until the police came, he left the scene on foot…. only to be easily tracked down and put in handcuffs in front of Kristin.

Jeff remembered feeling humiliated when he got arrested “early in the morning” at the coffee shop. But what really hurt him the most? The fact Kristin went on to tell the story on her podcast about the “worst day of his life.” As far as Jeff is concerned, she did it “for clicks.”

The stand-up comedian said he was shocked the Very Cavallari star “gave zero f**ks” about “telling everyone and publicly shaming” him over the DUI arrest, adding:

“F**k her for — it’s not her story to tell. When we were dating I had a billion experiences with you that I didn’t just go share. I had experiences with you that I didn’t go tell everyone. Those were also my experiences when you were f**king off with all these other people.”

Damn. We’d argue it’s very much her story to tell. An ex set up a brunch date with her and showed up drunk after having crashed his car? Then got arrested right in front of her? Yeah, hell yes, that’s her story about a terrible date. An frankly, the woman was famous and sharing her personal life with everyone before you were ever in the picture — so you only have yourself to blame for ALL of it. (He may be over a month sober, but it doesn’t sound like he’s finished honestly taking stock or admitting his wrongs. Just sayin’.)

Jeff was upset for another reason though. He shared he wanted to rekindle their relationship when he met up with Kristin. However, he says now he would “never” consider it again after her comments on the podcast episode:

“I don’t think people realize how horrific that made me feel.”

Well, it’s safe to say Kristin doesn’t want to get back together either! Not after having watched him get arrested on their date! You can ch-ch-check out the interview (below):

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you feel Kristin shouldn’t have told the story? Let us know in the comments below.

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[Image via Jennifer Hudson Show/Smoochie Town/YouTube]

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