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Erika Jayne Claps Back HARD After Being Told She's 'Not Winning' For Shopping At T.J. Maxx Amid Legal Woes!

Erika Jayne Claps Back HARD After Being Told She's 'Not Winning' For Shopping At TJ Maxx Amid Legal Woes!

Don’t f**k with Erika Jayne!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star made her thoughts be known on Thursday, firing back a fiery public tweet after a social media user called out the reality TV personality!

The 50-year-old was spotted on Wednesday shopping at a T.J. Maxx store in Pasadena, California. Paparazzi photogs snapped pics of Tom Girardi‘s estranged wife as she walked into the discount store with her assistant.

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After those pics went public, Bravo fans took note of EJ’s shopping choice, pointing out that T.J. Maxx wasn’t the place they’d expected to see the Beverly Hills high-roller! And they weren’t afraid to comment!

Here’s one particular reaction to the evidence that Jayne is, in fact, a Maxxinista (below):

“Shopping at TJMAXX…. with your assistant? …Optics EJ… you are smarter than this… This NOT winning!”

DAMN! People get after it on Twitter! Sure, like everyone else, we’re also a little surprised to see that the performer stepped out of the 90210 to hit up the chain. But “you are smarter than this”?! That seems like a lot! Maybe that person has a personal grudge against T.J. Maxx or something?!


Jokes aside, Erika wasn’t feeling the call-out, and on Thursday she quote-tweeted that very message with her opinions on it:

“I shopped there for years. I also went to petco and Target. Stop over analyzing my life.”

Fair enough! Shaming people for things like their shopping choices isn’t a good look! (Although, over analyzing is what we love to do, girl! Ha!)

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Still, does the original tweeter have a point?! There are optics at play here. Regardless of whether Erika has always shopped at the chain — and if she has, good for her, there’s nothing wrong with that store — her current legal troubles and reported money problems are a public story she must now consider.

Fans picked up on that, too, as they debated the discount department store controversy in the comments. Here are just a few of the reactions to Jayne’s outing and subsequent Twitter tiff (below):

“Stop telling people to photograph you when you go out. Easy peasy!”

“Unfortunately some people have too much time to think they know something about somebody they never MET, sounds smart…”

“Over analyzing??? You’re on a reality show. Criticism is par for the course.”

“I am praying for you. I’m sorry people are so quick to judge and dismiss. You’re a human. You’re not alone.”

“I agree with you! It’s so sad. Poor thing can’t afford to heat her pool… pray for her!”

“Target & TJ Maxx is the s**t! Leave her alone/no matter how much money someone has there’s nothing wrong with shopping at those places.”

“Same energy as them being mad at her for mascara running down her face and then also being mad that she was monotone at one dinner. Pick a damn lane”

“This is Twitter where we get to and are even encouraged to over analyze your life. It’s part of the deal you made in exchange for fame.”

“It does not matter where you shopped sis, you still shopped there on someone else’s dime.”

“I have super wealthy friends who go there all the time. It’s the challenge of finding a good buy that makes it fun.”

“Being on reality tv means we get to over analyze your life.”

“Let them know! You can find some great items.”


Truly all sides of the coin represented here. Forget politics, Erika Jayne’s shopping habits could make for the next great American debate! LOLz! To that end, then, what do U make of her deal scouting, Perezcious readers?? Do you have as many opinions on it as these RHOBH viewers??

Share yours down in the comments (below), we’d love to hear ’em!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/TJ Maxx]

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