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Fans React To Raquel Leviss' ‘Scary’ Lack Of Emotion During Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2!

Vanderpump Rules Fans Are ‘Scared’ Of Raquel Leviss Being Emotionless During VPR Reunion

Vanderpump Rules fans cannot believe Raquel Leviss’ reactions – or lack thereof – during the reunion for Vanderpump Rules!

As you know, part two of the reunion episode dropped this week, and emotions were running high amongst the cast members as they continued to hash out Scandoval on camera. Well, we should say most of the cast was getting worked up in this episode. Because while a majority of them were either enraged or completely upset during the new episode, Raquel on the other hand? She was the only one to remain emotionless throughout the episode – even as she watched her (now former) best friend break down sobbing due to the pain she caused with her betrayal! And Bravo viewers have a lot to say about it!

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A specific moment that had everyone in shock was when the group discussed the temporary restraining order the 28-year-old filed against Scheana Shay after they allegedly got into a physical altercation in March. Raquel claimed the 38-year-old punched her when she found out the former pageant queen was having a months-long affair with Sandoval behind their friend Ariana Madix‘s back. However, Raquel ended up dismissing the protective order and giving Scheana proof of the legal move on the day of filming for the reunion.

After host Andy Cohen revealed the news, Scheana broke down in tears while opening up how hard it’s been to go through not only the betrayal but their legal battle. She said on the episode:

“Having this for the last few weeks — first of all, the betrayal. Two of my best friends, that is heartbreaking in itself. But then to throw all of this on top of it when I did nothing but take care of her. I gave her a home to live in when she didn’t have anywhere to go. I was the sister to her that she didn’t have growing up. I did everything for her, and for her to do this to me, it has taken such a toll on me.”

Things have taken such an emotional “toll” on Scheana to the point where it’s hurt her own family, revealing that her 2-year-old daughter Summer Moon began hyperventilating when she saw her mom “having a full breakdown.” It’s heartbreaking to witness. And you could clearly see how much Raquel has hurt her co-stars.

While Scheana, Ariana, and Lala Kent were in tears, the SUR waitress watched the devastating moment from a trailer – and stared blankly at the screen. No emotion. No remorse. Nothing. There weren’t even unshed tears in her eyes. And then, she had the nerve to nonchalantly tell a producer with a huge smile on her face that she most likely should have written Scheana “a personal note.” Seriously?! You can see the moment below:

Wow. You would think that when you see how much you’ve hurt your best friend that you’d have some sort of visible reaction to it – whether it be tears, guilt, or whatever. But being completely stoic as they break down? That’s pretty telling. And once the scene aired, fans immediately rushed to social media to point out how “heartless” and “scary” Raquel’s lack of emotions was during this episode. See the Twitter reactions (below):

“The lack of emotion on Rachel’s face is just scaring. How can you sit there and watch someone who stood up for you have a breakdown and you just don’t care”

“This is a b***h who SOBBED. CRIED. because she aged out of PAGENTS. On a DATE. With PETER. And she has yet to shed one single tear over what she did.”

“It kills me to see that almost everyone on the panel is crying, yet #Raquel sits there stone faced. Her lack of tears or ANY emotion speaks VOLUMES”

“Racheal has no remorse, not even any empathy. Both her closest friends are crying and she shows no emotion.”

“If I was Raquel, I’d be losing my mind, in full tears for hurting these people. She’s just straight faced. HOW?!”

“It’s also wild to see everyone getting SO emotional: Tom, Ariana and Scheana are crying, James can’t stay in his chair, Schwartz is taking Xannies — literally everyone BUT Raquel shows emotion… she’s just a totally unfazed shell… scary”

“I did not expect to be crying with Scheana cry talking about this has affected her daughter. Then watching Rachel have no response other than “realizations and uh regrets?”

“The fact that Rachel isn’t even crying is F**KED #PUMPRULES”

“What is wrong with Raquel, she has zero emotion while Schena is pouring her heart out!”

“Scheana is literally having a breakdown over how betrayed she is, and all Raquel can do is smile and make jokes. Rawt!”

“Scheanna is pouring her heart out and Raquel. Nothing. Zero emotion. Damn girl is heartless.”

“It freaks me out how Raquel has ZERO emotions seeing this entire thing unfold in front of her. No compassion or empathy? Like it’s legit scary how frigid and detached she seems”

It’s tough to see that is for sure. What are your thoughts on the matter, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Vanderpump Rules/Peacock]

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