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Stalker Ex Stabs 17-Year-Old Girl FIFTEEN Times Then Turns Knife On Himself -- But Mom Jumps In!

18-Year-Old Stabs Ex Girlfriend FIFTEEN Times Then Turns The Knife On Himself In Gruesome Suicide Attempt

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

An 18-year-old from Florida has been accused of stabbing his girlfriend and her mom in a vicious attack — before attempting suicide with the same knife.

The gruesome attack went down in the parking lot of a Mr. Chubby’s Wings restaurant in Pontre Vedra when Madison Schemitz, 17, noticed her ex-boyfriend, Spencer Pearson, sitting at a table across from her. According to an affidavit obtained by Law&Crime, she was there with her mother Jacki Rogé and a friend — and the three women quickly became uncomfortable because Pearson had allegedly been stalking and following Madison for some time. According to what a family friend, Casey Estep, told First Coast News, their goal was to just split when they saw him:

“They were like, ‘Oh, we’ve got to go.'”

Sadly, when they went to leave, the parking lot would turn into a horror show — when Pearson allegedly “charged” at his ex and began stabbing her. The affidavit detailed:

“In a sworn recorded interview one of the victims stated the defendant held the juvenile victim with one arm and stabbed her approximately fifteen times.”

So horrifying!

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Luckily the teen girl had help. Madison’s mother jumped in to try and stop Pearson from killing her daughter. Two bystanders, Kennedy Armstrong and his friend Jimmy Stepp, also saw the violence and intervened. According to what Armstrong told WJXT, he and his friend noticed a boy “pounding” on the girl’s chest. He recounted they didn’t even know if he had a weapon or was just using his fist, but they knew they had to jump in and help:

“I hit the kid as hard as I could.”

He called the entire ordeal a big blur, but after it was all over he realized he was injured, too. The attack left Armstrong with a ruptured artery as well as some torn ligaments, Rogé with stab wounds to the leg and forehead, and Schemitz with fifteen stab wounds.

After he was pushed away from his ex girlfriend, Pearson then “immediately began ‘steadily’ cutting his own throat in an effort to kill himself.” The attempt would fail, though, and after several weeks in the hospital he was arrested and booked into St. John’s County Jail on Friday. His mugshot shows the graphic stitches and scarring he received from his suicide attempt.

According to what Schemitz’s sister, Tatiana Cruceta, told First Coast News, the 17-year-old is recovering, although she did suffer serious injuries to her spinal cord which have left her paralyzed:

“Madison’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, she’s always smiling, always. So as soon as I answered the phone — we all call her ‘Sass,’ that’s her nickname — so I said ‘how you doin, Sass, how you feelin?’ And she goes ‘Oh just dandy.’ So she was cracking jokes and trying to be strong.”

She also maintains the attack was “premeditated” — apparently Rogé had been trying to get a restraining order to protect her daughter since all the way back in April:

“I don’t know all the details, but I do know that there were some issues in the past after they had broken up, where he was threatening her safety. My mother was looking to get a restraining order against him so this was definitely premeditated. This was definitely something that he had planned.”

Just terrifying…

Pearson currently remains in custody with a $100,000 bond and is facing attempted murder charges.

We’re sending love and healing to Madison and her family, as well as the two bystanders who jumped in and helped out. We hope they all heal and get the justice they deserve very soon.

[Image via Spencer Pearson/Facebook/St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office]

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