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Awwww! Garth Brooks REFUSED To Leave Wife Trisha Yearwood's Side When She Got COVID!

Trisha Yearwood Garth Brooks covid battle

Garth Brooks is taking coronavirus precautions very seriously — but not when it comes to his beloved wife!

In a new interview with People TV, Trisha Yearwood recounted her battle with COVID-19 back in February, and how her husband straight up refused to leave her side, even though he was exposing himself to the virus by doing so.

The 56-year-old country crooner said her hubby of 15 years was so doting that “he would not stay away” from her when she was at her most ill, sharing:

“I’m like, ‘Dude, I cannot be responsible for giving Garth Brooks COVID.’ … I told him, ‘You have to go quarantine on the other side of the house.’”

But Garth, who was apparently vaccinated at the time, didn’t listen! The songstress continued:

“He was really worried about me. But he never got sick and he was vaccinated. He took really good care of me, but he drove me crazy.”

LOLz, lockdown will do that to you!

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Yearwood went on to say that while she only had a “mild case” of COVID, battling the illness was still “no joke.” She shared:

“I had what was considered a mild case and I think that’s why we had — we were lucky that COVID didn’t go into our lungs, but that’s probably also why we have more trouble here.”

In April, Trisha told Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show that it was “weird” her husband didn’t feel any side effects after getting his vaccinations — and shared her hilarious theory as to why that was. She joked:

“He had the vaccine, he didn’t have a sore arm…I knew he wasn’t normal, but he’s just an alien.”


Alien or not, Garth isn’t taking any chances as the Delta variant causes a resurgence in COVID cases across the country. On Wednesday, the superstar announced he’s scrapping 5 upcoming stadium shows in Baltimore, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Nashville, and Foxborough, Massachusetts.

In the announcement, which came weeks after Garth played in front of a packed house of 68,000 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the crooner said he was wrong about COVID coming to an end, sharing:

“In July, I sincerely thought the pandemic was falling behind us. Now, watching this new wave, I realize we are still in the fight and I must do my part.”

Ticketmaster will refund all tickets and the Friends in Low Places performer promised the shows would be rescheduled “when this wave seems to be behind us.” Good call, Garth!

See, even though he is apparently a super tough alien who is immune, he’s making this choice to protect other people. See how easy that is??

[Image via Avalon/WENN]

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Aug 19, 2021 11:11am PDT

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