Groom Savagely Responds To Aunt Refusing To Attend Same Sex Wedding!

What’s one to do when a relative refuses to attend your gay wedding because of their “Christian values”? 

Throw those values right back in their face, that’s what!

That seemed to make the situation a little better for a Twitter user whose holier-than-thou relative declined the invitation to attend his upcoming nuptials.

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According to the texts shared online, the groom-to-be’s Aunt Diane sent her love, but said she couldn’t make it to his same-sex wedding due to her religious beliefs.

In response, he reminded Aunt Diane about the time she definitely didn’t act on those religious beliefs — when she was pregnant in Tennessee! Read the exchange (below): 


The groom-to-be shared an update after the post went viral, telling readers that while auntie never responded, his mother couldn’t be prouder that he told her sister off: 

Sad, yet satisfying.

How do YOU react to your homophobic relatives??

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Sep 13, 2018 3:19pm PST

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