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Woman Plays 'Creepy' Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect's Voicemail On TikTok -- He Revealed Details Of The Killings?!

Gilgo Beach Murders Killer Spoke TikTok Voicemail

Another shocked woman is opening up about her interactions with the Gilgo Beach murder suspect.

Rex Heuermann was arrested last week and charged with the murders of three of the women whose bodies were found on Gilgo Beach. Starting in 2010, several human remains were found buried in the sand along the Long Island Ocean Parkway and surrounding marsh. It remains to be seen if Heuermann will be charged with more of what are being labeled serial killings.

As more comes out about the alleged murderer, those who knew him are speaking out. For one colleague, learning he may have killed several women was unthinkable. She compared him to Dexter, hiding his double life so convincingly. But for Dominique Michelle Vidal, the impression Heuermann gave off was a little south of harmless.

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The interior designer took to TikTok over the weekend in a video entitled “How I Met The Gilgo Beach Murderer.” She explained that as part of her job she had been in a networking group with Heuermann, who worked as an architect for decades. She says through group events she “had a lot of conversations” with the 59-year-old — and “got to know him” a bit. And she and her boyfriend were, in many ways, “not surprised that he is a serial killer.” She explained: 

“Just everything about him, his mannerisms, how full of himself he was, how odd he was, he was always very sweaty and not very nice to talk to and creepy. We’re not surprised, we are shocked.”

Understandable. But the most surprising part of all this was the time Dominique says Heuermann actually spoke to her about the Gilgo Beach murder case!!!

If this is true, it’s astounding…

Dominique said after a meeting one evening, the group of architects and designers went to a bar. She recalled Heuermann spoke about himself A LOT, apparently much like that YouTube interview that was going around after his arrest.

Eventually she tried to find common interests — this was supposed to be networking, after all. She asked if he listened to any podcasts, he said no. She mentioned she used to listen to true crime podcasts, and he perked up — and immediately asked about the Gilgo Beach murders, which were, of course, local. She swears this happened:

“I’m not making this up, at all. I’m so shocked I need to share this with somebody, all of TikTok. He asks me do I know about the Gilgo Beach Murders and of course I do. He goes on to tell me, ‘That’s a serial killer that was never caught in my hometown, my neighborhood where I live.’ Tells me the guy killed 10 people and might still be out there.”

Sorry, ten people?! Wow. Was he giving himself away?? There were ten bodies discovered in the area. Again, thus far he’s only been charged with three of the killings, but it sounds like he was pretty sure the killer was responsible for all of them. Wow.

Dominique remembers she joked that even she “could be a serial killer” because “you never know.” That made Heuermann laugh. Chilling in retrospect! Dominique mused:

“I cannot stop running that conversation over and over in my head. I’m really disturbed, I cannot deal with this.”

No kidding! Dominique says she left the group because of Heuermann — because he “was a weirdo and I didn’t want to be around that.” Ultimately, she described Heuermann as a “very odd, unwelcoming person.”


How I Met The Gilgo Beach Murderer #gilgobeach #rexheuermann #serialkiller #gilgobeachmurders

♬ original sound – dominique vidal

After that video exploded — it’s got over 1.3 million views now — she posted another vid with a recording of an alleged voicemail from Heuermann!

She said he called her up out of nowhere after she left the group. In the audio, a man’s voice, allegedly Heuermann’s, tells her he “still wanted to talk” to her:

“If you get an opportunity you can always find me at the office or feel free to use my cell. Hope you’re doing good, hope to talk to you soon.”

She’d found it odd, she said, since he wasn’t offering her any work, they’d never done any jobs together — he was just calling to talk. Creepy indeed!


Replying to @Chandlebar here is the voicemail from #rexheuerman the #gilgobeach murder suspect

♬ original sound – dominique vidal

In hindsight, of course, she must be wondering if he was trying to get her to meet him alone somewhere — and if she might have been a potential victim for the Gilgo Beach killer! How terrifying!

Do YOU believe Dominique’s spooky story??

[Image via Dominique Michelle Vidal/TikTok/Suffolk County.]

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