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Rapper Len Martin Gorilla Glues His Lips Shut In Attempt To Prove Tessica Brown Was Exaggerating!

man gorilla glue lips shut len martin

One man found himself in an incredibly sticky situation after participating in something called the “Gorilla Glue Challenge.”

As we reported, TikTok user Tessica Brown went viral after spraying the industrial adhesive in her hair and was forced to undergo treatment at a Los Angeles-based plastic surgery clinic to remove it. Well, noted prankster and viral rapper Len Martin apparently thought Tessica was pulling a fast one on social media and attempted to bust her by using the product on himself — only to discover that she was very much telling the truth.

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In a video on Facebook, Martin said he wanted to prove the stunt wasn’t as serious as others thought, so he used the glue to attach a red party cup to his mouth with the intention of licking it off. He said:

“I’ve got some Gorilla glue right here. I’m going to take it and put it on this cup, and put it on my mouth.”

But, as fate would have it, Martin’s vision didn’t exactly go as planned. Instead, he ended up in the emergency room to have the cup peeled off — and he’s now the first to admit that Tessica’s story is 100% real. He said in an update:

“I thought that chick with the Gorilla Glue was making that story up. But no, it’s real. I don’t know why I tried it. Now they talking bout cutting the tip of my lips off in surgery… yall pray for me #gorrilagluechallenge smh.”

Smh, indeed!

He later elaborated to Fox 8:

“Did you see what the lady did with the Gorilla Glue on her hair? I thought she was playing around. I didn’t think it was that serious, that Gorilla Glue did all of that. I was trying to show people that it wasn’t as serious as she was making it to be. I put Gorilla Glue in a cup, placed it on my mouth for a few seconds and started to lick it off, but that didn’t work.”

Yeah, well, that’s kind of the thing about Gorilla Glue: it’s not easy to get off! A spokesperson for the company stressed that people should not, in fact, be putting the product on their skin, sharing in a statement:

“Our spray adhesive states in the warning label ‘do not swallow; do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing’. It is used for craft, home, auto or office projects to mount thing to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, laminate and fabric.”

Let’s hope that anyone who didn’t learn from Tessica’s mistake will learn from people learn from Len’s.

[Image via Len Martin/Facebook]

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Feb 11, 2021 18:17pm PDT

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