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Guess The Celebrity! This Beach Hunk Became A Big Movie Star!

Guess The Celebrity Beach Bod Teen Hunk

Whoa, who is this guy! Well, that’s the whole question, isn’t it?

First off… He’s a hunk with a “beach bod,” that’s for sure. But believe it or not, he actually gets MORE buff through the years. It’s one of his trademarks.

Also… down girls! He may look like a teen from an ’80s movie, but that’s because he IS an ’80s teen! This is a pic from when the future movie star was just 16 years old, which would have been around 1985.

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Who knew starting nearly 30 years later he’d be in some of the biggest movies of all time! A lot of sci-fi and a LOT of sequels!

He first made a name for himself in the ring, but he really blew up on the big screen… But don’t tell his best known character that! He might not understand the whole blowing up metaphor…

Give up? It’s…

Dave Bautista!

Wild, huh? Even knowing it we can barely see this babyfaced beachgoer as the future Bond villain, MCU hero, and Dune warrior he is now. Did YOU get it??

[Image via Dave Bautista/Instagram.] 

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May 31, 2024 16:12pm PDT

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