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Did Hailey Bieber Just Restart Selena Gomez Feud With THIS Shady Beyoncé Post?? LOOK!

Did Hailey Bieber Just Restart Selena Gomez Feud With THIS Shady Beyoncé Post?? LOOK!

Fans think Hailey Bieber still isn’t over her feud with Selena Gomez!

On Friday, the model took to her Instagram Story to share that she was listening to one of Beyoncé’s new songs. And fans think it was a totally shady jab at her husband Justin Bieber‘s most famous ex! …But what Cowboy Carter tune was she vibing to?? Obviously the remake of Dolly Parton‘s Jolene!

While snapping a screenshot of the song, Hailey captioned the pic, “whew .” Okay, well, that emoji choice alone suggests she was feeling some type of way about the track! See HERE.

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If you don’t know, the original hit is about a woman who flirts with someone else’s husband. Queen Bey put a different spin on the lyrics, but it’s pretty much the same backstory. Listen HERE.

Yeah, we can see the connection to Selena and Hailey! The women have been pitted against each other ever since JB and Selly G finally called off their on-again, off-again romance in 2018… only for him to get engaged to Hailey just mere months later! Despite the Rhode founder claiming the beef was “completely made-up” last summer, fans still haven’t let it go. And they don’t think she has either! Reacting to her IG Story, they wrote on X (Twitter):

“hailey bieber’s obsession with selena gomez needs to be studied…”

“This woman is so obsessed. She is this way just because doesnt have confidence with herself The karma for hailey will bite harder”

“It’s not even just Selena at this point. She think everybody wants her man.”

Meanwhile, others were quick to support the 27-year-old! They pointed out that she was just one of thousands of people listening to and reacting to the brand new song, noting:

“So Hailey can’t listen to a song?”

“well first, hailey is reposting a newly released song and if you instantly think selena feels hit then thats on you”

“hailey has everyone’s blood boiling all bc she posted jolene?!!!!??!!! are you guys ok?!!?!”

“thinking everything Hailey does is Selena shade is truly incredible”

Lots of mixed reactions!!

What do you think? Was this just a coincidence or is Hailey trying to throw shade?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Kelly Clarkson Show/Beyonce/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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