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Sorry, That One Terrible Harrison Butker Quote Is FAKE!

OMG! That Chiefs Star Telling Women To Be Homemakers?! His Mom Is A PHYSICIST!

Harrison Butker said A LOT of awful things, but don’t be fooled by one viral quote circulating around the web!

In the wake of the Kansas City Chiefs kicker’s misogynistic commencement address for the 2024 graduating class at Benedictine College in Kansas, there’s been a ton of hot takes online. From people bashing his outright misogynistic and homophobic words, to others defending his right to free speech and his Christian faith… People can’t stop talking about it. If you didn’t see it, you can catch up on all the details HERE, or watch (below):

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On Wednesday, a Facebook page posted a quote allegedly coming straight from the athlete himself addressing all the backlash. It read:

“Everyone is taking what I said out of context. All I said is that we should go back to a better time, like the ‘50s & ‘60s. When men were men, and women had more babies than thoughts. When the only ‘Me Too’ movement was one woman saying she was ready for her 4th child, and another woman agreeing.”

WTF!!! Barf!

Social media users in the comments and across X (Twitter) and TikTok quickly came down on the NFL player, calling him names like “stupid jock” and bashing him for making “a great living with his foot, not his brain.” But a closer look at the OG post reveals that the quote was actually FAKE! It came from The Sports Memery, which labels itself as “satire/parody” in its bio.

Whew! Not that what he really did say in his speech is far off, but that quote just took things to the next level.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Did YOU fall for the fake quote? Let us know down in the comments!

[Image via Benedictine College/YouTube]

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