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Shade Or No Shade?! HBO's SATC 25th Anniversary Post Has A Glaring Omission...

HBO SATC Anniversary Post No Kim Cattrall Shade

Is HBO hitting back after Kim Cattrall‘s latest move?

The network’s official Instagram page posted a video celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sex and the City on Tuesday. In it stars Sarah Jessica ParkerCynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis speak to the audience to say thank you for the quarter century of SATC! SJP begins:

“We’re just here to say thank you… What has happened in our lives in the past 25 years? We’ve created families, we’ve created relationships. I realized you were having the same experience and we love you for joining us for so many years.”

They created relationships — and only destroyed one! Yes, of course the elephant NOT in the room is Kim Cattrall, who played the final member of the foursome, Samantha Jones. The How I Met Your Father star has been vocal about her feud with her former co-stars, SJP in particular. In fact, she swore more than once she’d never return to the role that made her an icon. And yet, she surprised us all by reportedly coming back for an appearance in the Season 2 finale of revival series And Just Like That… But more on that in a moment.

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As the brief vid continued, Cynthia Nixon thanked fans, saying:

“Thank you for loving us and tuning in and giving us the opportunity.”

Kristin Davis, holding pal Sarah’s hand, exclaimed:

“We just want to say thank you for supporting us, this is how come we’ve been able to do it for so long.”

SJP finished the clip by saying:

“We have such gratitude and appreciation and affection… So happy anniversary!”

So sweet. But, um… notice how someone didn’t get a mention? Obviously Kim was never going to join in the video — at least not filmed alongside her former co-stars — but they also didn’t say anything about her?

This could be seen as a shady move, both on the ladies’ part AND on HBO’s. The network might be annoyed at Cattrall’s epic move, revealed yesterday. In case you didn’t hear, not only is she getting a lot of headlines with her reportedly very brief return to the SATC universe, she’s seemingly using them to promote her new Netflix show! It turns out hat series, Glamorous, actually premieres on June 22, the EXACT SAME NIGHT as AJLT Season 2! By dropping the trailer for the upcoming show in the wake of the SATC headlines AND putting the show up against And Just Like That the streamer seems to be positioning it as a rival to HBO’s longtime hit. So did the prestige network purposely put out a celebratory Sex and the City 25th anniversary post without mention of Kim Cattrall as subtle shade?

Well, probably not. After all, they knew the anniversary was coming up, right? They didn’t just throw together the video overnight, right? Though… it is just the stars seemingly in their show wardrobe kind of saying something nice off the cuff.

Elsewhere, HBO’s YouTube page put out another celebratory video, a clip package of the best of the show. While Kim only gets one line in it, she is all over the thing. It really is lovely.

Besides, if SJP and the others did mention Kim, she’d probably be annoyed, right? That’s at least been the dynamic lately, unfortunately.

So what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Shade or no shade here??

[Image via Netflix/YouTube/HBO/Instagram.]

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