Hundreds Of Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found In Spain!

Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs

Jurassic Park, here we come!

Researchers in Spain have announced they found hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils!

They even found four kinds of dino egg that they had never found before in that region.

It’s believed that the eggs are from sauropod dinosaurs.

The eggs were found in Coll de Nargó in the Spanish province of Lleida.

The study’s lead researcher said:

“Eggshells, eggs and nests were found in abundance and they all belong to dinosaurs, sauropods in particular. Up until now, only one type of dinosaur egg had been documented in the region: Megaloolithus siruguei.”

So the researchers are obviously pumped because they had no idea all these other types of eggs were there!

They continued:

“We had never found so many nests in the one area before. In addition, the presence of various oospecies (eggs species) at the same level suggests that different types of dinosaurs shared the same nesting area. It has come to light that the different types of eggs are located at very specific time intervals. This allows us to create biochronological scales with a precise dating capacity. In short, thanks to the collection of oospecies found in Coll de Narg├â┬│ we have been able to determine the age of the site at between 71 and 67 million years.”

So they can find out what sort of dinos used to live in there area!

And maybe they can turn those eggs into real dino eggs and we can have a real Jurassic Park!!

Though most likely not. We guess it’d be for the best, those movies never end well. LOLz!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

Mar 18, 2013 1:03pm PST

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