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Daddygate: The Idol Producers Speak!


News keeps buzzing about the banning of David Archuleta‘s stage dad from hell, Jeff, from visiting American Idol backstage or during rehearsals. This is the first “ban” of its kind on the show.

We’ve heard David’s side, but….what about the producer’s side?

Now, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is speaking out.

Nigel says, “‘Banished’ is a terrible word, isn’t it? It sounds like we’re in some far-off kingdom. He has been asked not to participate in the choice of music with David or be in the room when David is working out his routines that he wants to sing. He’s fine to be in the studio, nothing wrong with that. We just want David to be able to be free like everybody else to get on and do what they want to do.”

So what about the reported argument that occurred over Jeff making influencing David to use other lyrics during his performance of Stand By Me?

To that Nigel adds, “There was a lyric change that happened that was a total misunderstanding. Just another, um, step along the way of us saying, ‘Okay, this is what we want to happen from now on.'”

As for the reports that they didn’t want Jeff backstage to be “fair” with the other contestants that don’t have any outside help with their song selections and arrangements.

To that Nigel adds, “No, no, no. It has nothing to do with fairness. We just want everyone to have an equal opportunity, and if that’s fairness, fine. But this is more of just the fact of let’s take some pressure away here, you know? It’s like anybody appearing in front of their mom and dad. Let’s just open up the pressure cooker, release the pressure, and you just get on and do what you gotta do.”

So after all that, what it basically comes down to is, Jeff seems to be pressuring David and annoying the hell out of everyone else.

Keep him banned!

Stage dads are even worse than stage moms. Ask Macaulay Culkin.

Actually, speaking of Macaulay, wouldn’t it be funny if he joined that VH1 has-been reality show?

We haven’t seen him around in years!

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May 13, 2008 20:45pm PDT

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