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Ireland Baldwin Shares Candid Photos From An Anxiety Attack Caused By Coffee -- Here's What Happened

Ireland Baldwin Shares Candid Photos Of Herself Having An Anxiety Attack

It was a tough weekend for Ireland Baldwin.

The 26-year-old opened up about suffering an anxiety attack on Sunday after drinking a cup of coffee on an empty stomach, something that she explained often triggers her mental health issues.

While posting a few snapshots of herself curled up on the bathroom floor, the model shared:

“It’s anxiety attack time This morning I had one cup of coffee on an empty stomach which turned into an anxiety attack! I am currently writing this from the bathroom floor. I usually sit here like this or lay in fetal position until I can’t cry or throw up anymore.”

OMG! Sounds awful!

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Ireland went on to explain why coffee specifically triggered the anxiety attack, noting:

“Coffee is major esophageal irritator and reflux trigger for me which leads to anxiety. If you are an anxiety sufferer like myself, coffee isn’t your friend! You’re probably asking why I drank it in the first place? Well that’s because I’m a silly goose.”

Grateful for the support of her fans, the Cali native also used the candid AF post to connect with followers who suffer similar struggles, concluding:

“Writing this and being open with y’all about my struggles helps it pass. If coffee makes you s**t your pants and makes you experience this, please share below!”

In the comment section, her dad Alec Baldwin chimed in with a message of support, writing:

“I love you.”

Actress Brittany Furlan Lee also added a tidbit of advice, responding:

“Oh honey. No caffeine for us. You got this. Ice ur chest if you can.

Surprisingly, SO many others admitted they struggle with coffee too.

The most common tips were to switch to decaf, try magnesium supplements, or just skip the caffeine altogether.

If you didn’t know, Kim Basinger’s daughter has been open about her mental health challenges for years now.

Back in 2015, she revealed how serious her anxiety was, saying that she was just relearning “what it truly means and what it feels like to be truly present,” adding:

“I have overlooked countless blessings and opportunities to start fresh, and I have neglected, manipulated, and lied to the people I hold dear to my heart, but more importantly, to myself … For the longest time, I lost compassion towards almost everything I previously cared for and I was so lost in darkness, that I could hardly hold a real conversation with another human being long enough before I was due to have an anxiety attack and find my way out of it.”

Oh, no. We’re so glad she’s gotten help!

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Last month, Baldwin also took to Instagram to share how she was managing her “cardiophobia.” Because she is often convinced she’s having a heart attack during her anxiety flare-ups, the Grudge Match actress decided to buy a blood pressure machine so she could reassure herself when the fear arises, she told fans:

“I ordered a blood pressure monitor to accurately read my heart rate and blood pressure because I live in a constant fear that I’m dying from a heart attack … also known as cardiophobia.”

Not ashamed to do what works for her and her mental health, Ireland reminded IG users to look out for themselves in times of need, saying:

“Hold on to your comfort item right. Don’t let people make you feel guilty for having to take a walk or take some space or stay home because you’re not feeling good. Surround yourself with people who understand or at least try to. And if you’re feeling anxious right now … deep breaths. You’re going to be ok. :)”

Such great advice! Anxiety is no joking matter. We’re relieved to see Ireland has the support of so many!

Here is her full post with the coffee-induced anxiety attack pics (below):


Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Ireland Baldwin/Instagram]

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