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Why Gypsy Rose Blanchard REALLY Left Husband Ryan?? Scary Incident Revealed!

We were shocked to learn Gypsy Rose Blanchard had broken up with her husband Ryan Scott Anderson so soon after she got to leave prison late last month. But apparently it was after a situation that left her fearing for her safety! Oh no!

The 32-year-old’s close friend Nadiya Vizier relayed Gypsy’s account of the situation to People on Friday, saying the end of the marriage was clear when Gypsy locked herself in the bathroom of her Lake Charles, Louisiana home for fear of what her husband might do. She told her BFF she was frightened as he allegedly banged on the door late at night, screaming, “Let me in! Let me in!” The insider added, “He got in her face and screamed.” Jeez!

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It’s unclear what sparked the tension, but Gypsy was terrified of what might happen if emotions escalated, so she called a relative to pick her up. Nadiya, a tattoo artist, continued:

“Gypsy said that she was afraid he was going to hit her. He didn’t — but that happened in the past with her mother. So, her first instinct was to tighten up and be prepared. But she got to safety and called her lawyer, too. Ryan is a big guy, and she told me it was really scary.”

In the early hours of the morning, Gypsy grabbed her things and drove hours back to her father Rod and stepmother Kristy‘s home in Cut Off, LA, where she has been restarting her life. It’s also where she met Nadiya, who has been a family friend for years but only just met Gypsy and Ryan at the start of the year.

After Gypsy’s prison release, she’d gushed about wanting to throw a wedding party for her friends and family who couldn’t be there for the jailhouse ceremony, but that never happened. Vizier claims there were problems in the relationship that grew worse and unsolvable over time — such as Anderson becoming allegedly more controlling and insecure over his wife:

“It was like she was on a leash. What’s the difference between being locked in a prison cell and feeling locked in her own home and marriage? She didn’t want to put up with it anymore.”

The family friend also claimed something felt off about the relationship, especially as cameras were around filming for Lifetime:

“Ryan was kissing Gypsy a lot just to have it filmed. He’d say, ‘Watch you all, come film us!’ He was being very, very loud and just doing things in a way that just seemed like he was trying to show the world he was a good partner — like he wasn’t using her or something. I guess it felt played up for the camera.”

Issues only got worse in the relationship in February while taking a break from filming the upcoming docuseries Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up. They’d gone to visit Blanchard’s family, and when Gypsy wanted to spend private time alone with her dad, a blow-out fight ensued. The insider said:

“But I’m glad Gypsy got out of this situation. She’s such a good person. I’m glad she called somebody and got help that night.”

Meanwhile, Gypsy’s cousin Bobby Pitre argued “it wasn’t a genuine relationship” in the first place, pointing out:

“Ryan did it on a dare. He got in touch with Gypsy on a dare, and she took the bait, and it went from there.”

WHAT?? They were bound to have issues considering their relationship went from letters and rare visits to a full-fledged, living-together marriage. But it’s sad to hear things turned scary!

Sticking up for her friend, Nadiya also told the outlet that while Gypsy has begun hanging out with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker again, that’s not why she left the marriage, adding:

“There are so many rumors about her out there. I had to finally speak up. I want people to know she didn’t leave Ryan for Ken. She left him because she wasn’t happy anymore.”

But getting back together isn’t out of the question! They’ve been having “a really good time” hanging out and traveling together, so they could couple up. Begging the internet to stop with all the “hate and negativity” while Gypsy is “learning” and having “new experiences in her next chapter,” her pal continued:

“I think she’s looking for her happily ever after. I don’t know if she realizes it’s hard to find Prince Charming, but she deserves it. Ken makes her feel happy right now, even as friends. That’s what we all want for her — to enjoy her life.”

Gypsy’s cousin added:

“Gypsy realizes that Ryan isn’t great, and she gets out of it. She’s obviously in love with the first guy, Ken. You know? That’s who she’s been hanging out with. She obviously loves him.”

Ryan’s not gonna like that! But so far, Gypsy and Ken have insisted the relationship is strictly platonic, something they clarified on a TikTok Live this week. Hmm…

Well, we’re glad to know she has so much support and that she’s using it in times of distress! That, unfortunately, wasn’t exactly the case in her past, so this is at least an improvement. Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Lifetime/ET/YouTube]

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